7 signs that a heartless person is around you
by Baigalmaa staff
7 signs that a heartless person is around you
Photo by Noah Silliman on Unsplash
It's good that there are good people in the world. However, there are also people who like to respond negatively to good things, who don't even know it themselves, who have the heart to dominate everything in the world alone, and who like to make others worse than themselves. Because they are like sheep in wolf's clothing, they are recognizable. Such people try to look good and live under pretenses, and behind their actions, black poison, envy, greed, blind desire to be better than others, and an insatiable desire to dominate everything are hidden and poison their environment. Some signs to recognize them:

1. They have a great talent for distorting things. If you want, you will use your words as a weapon.
2. They are good at confusing things. He can turn flies into elephants and elephants into flies if he wishes. In order to turn what is happening around to their own advantage, they use all the methods of persuasion and persuasion.
3. They are good at telling lies, to get out of the water dry.
4. I don't like to admit my mistakes. He does not take responsibility for his actions, he only blames others and blames others for all his problems.
5. There is no guilt or remorse. It does not care at all about the destruction of human life. He doesn't think about people, he only thinks about his own good and wants to be the best.
6. He is not interested in your happiness and success. If it is useful to him, he will be interested, but he will not tolerate being superior to himself. They can't see anyone happy and get upset. He rarely speaks decent things about others, if he does, he speaks gossip and complaints out of jealousy.
7. They cannot accept reality as it is. But he only wants to be in a state that pleases him. Their desire, to keep themselves in a state of perfection, and to see others unhappy. In this way, they do everything for their own good, and the worst thing is that they have the ability to make a person a nobody.

These people are manipulative, moody, and full of tricks to get you to avoid and keep your distance. In case of recognition, there is no other way but to avoid them, and they tend to never fix it.