Genes that are more likely to be passed from father to child
by Baigalmaa staff
Genes that are more likely to be passed from father to child
Genetic inheritance has always been a subject of great interest, both predictable and unpredictable. Based on hundreds of observations and studies, a study found that parents' genes affect their children equally, but slightly more than the father's. If you show strong genes with a high probability of being inherited from your father:

-Eye color, often imitates his father
- Facial expression. The things most likely to mimic a father's face include strong genes that are likely to be passed on to a child if the father has a long chin, and the shape of the eyebrows, the shape of the nose, and not even the ears.
-Dimpled cheeks, one of the strongest genes inherited from the father
- There is a high probability that abnormal growth of teeth will be passed on from the father
-Thickness of hair, early graying, curly hair are often passed from the father
- In terms of intellectual level, although intellectual development is taking place throughout a person's life, it is not easy for a child to surpass his father's intellectual level. Scientists have found that intellectual ability is most dependent on genes, especially on the intellectual level of the father.
-Fingerprints are believed to be unique, but there have been cases where some fingerprints are identical to those of father and son.
- Lip shape. If the shape of the father's lips is noticeable, it will have a strong influence on the child
Both parents' genes influence whether a child is tall or short. But it is more likely to be passed down from the father. If the father is tall and straight, the child is also slim. During the research, the formula for determining the child's future height was often matched. It is calculated by adding the height of both parents, dividing by two, adding 5 cm for a boy and subtracting 5 cm for a girl.
- Body weight, especially in girls, is often inherited from the father's genes
- Cheerfulness, sense of humor, sharp mind are often inherited from father
-Sleep patterns such as sleeping position and staying up early or staying awake at night are inherited from the father.
- It is said that qualities such as liking for adventure and not being afraid of risks are inherited from the father