Learning to live with a woman
by Baigalmaa staff
Learning to live with a woman
Photo by Annette Sousa on Unsplash
Men say:

I learned to live with a woman. All this is not the same as written in the literature. For example, I did not know that a woman's hair is an incredibly delicate thing that cannot be treated with care. When she was lying on my pillow, she learned to take her comfortably off the pillow and bring her close to her face to caress her. Eventually it becomes a habit. I didn't know that if my wife was in a bad mood, I should quickly hug her and ask her why. I thought that if I was in a bad mood, if someone asked, it was like I didn't like it very much. I did not know that my wife did not ask me for any help, but expected me to help myself. But now, when I say, "I'll do it," my wife says, "I'll do it, I can do it," but in the background, I know that she wants me to do what I say. She always wants to feel like a woman. I know that if he does not carry anything heavier than a bouquet of flowers, his mood is always good and happy. She learned that a woman is not only a bed-sharing lover, but also a friend and a husband, who should listen carefully to whatever he says. A woman is not an enigma... With a little more attention, I have come to know that she is the one who will always answer and give gifts in return. They always know what they need. And they demand it, right? Men who say they don't understand what a woman wants, just don't want to know what she wants. I've learned that family relationships are the steps we both take to face each other and kiss. If one person stops and the other keeps walking, you know that the one who doesn't move is going to fall behind. Both need to step towards each other, and they also know that if one has no legs, there is no place for a legless person in the starting line. I have come to understand that treating each other with the same attitude of "responsibility is strict" or doing the same for good or bad things done by someone, is like drinking poison from the same glass. If I compare Enhrill to food, it is similar to the effect of hot food and cold food on the soul, and I know that sensations and feelings are not only below the waist, but also exist in my fingertips expressing my soul and guiding a woman like music. Men have come to know that the presence of talent is not dependent on the fingers, but on our hearts...