Children of strict and demanding mothers are raised to become successful people
by Baigalmaa staff
Children of strict and demanding mothers are raised to become successful people
Photo by Diana Polekhina on Unsplash

According to the Hangover Cure, children of mothers with these behaviors grow up to be more successful and responsible individuals. It is not easy for a mother to be constantly dissatisfied with her child, to make constant demands, to see her child's unpleasant reception, to suppress her affection, and to raise her child to be a perfect person. Children, even though it was difficult at the time, grow up to be grateful. Erica Rasson, a professor at the University of Essex, found that the mothers of high achievers were more demanding, and in an observational study of 15,000 13- to 14-year-old children between 2004 and 2010, children with more demanding mothers were more successful. Although both parents want their children to have a higher education, it was observed that it depends more on the mother's needs. The results of the research show that children of mothers who are demanding and trusting grow up to be self-confident and goal-oriented, and it was observed that early pregnancy was not registered among the daughters of demanding mothers, and girls graduated from school without boys and received a good education. Although we think we are succeeding by doing what we like, going against our parents' wishes, and trying to avoid our parents' decisions as much as possible, the responsibilities instilled in us at a young age and any advice or wishes from them overtly influence our choices and motivations. "There is, but we think we're solving it ourselves," explained Dr. Rasson. Most children with abusive mothers, at the time, see their mother as an enemy and make their lives hell, but grow up to be grateful for it and understand and appreciate the efforts she made to make her strong. came to the conclusion that it is transmitted.