The story of how the Germans were trained to become a nation of purists
by Baigalmaa staff
The story of how the Germans were trained to become a nation of purists
The cleanliness of the Germans, who are proud of their cleanliness and recognized as a national characteristic, was not there from the beginning, it is not a natural quality, and there is an interesting method and historical fact about how they were forced to learn. On the one hand, this method can be considered an unpleasant method that supports whistleblowers and attacks individual freedom, but on the other hand, it has been able to create a perfectly clean and healthy environment in cities and villages in a very short time, and it is a cultural heritage of the nation, and it has been passed down through generations and has become a custom. It is considered as an activity.

In the past, the Germans used to throw ashes, dead pets, excrement, thick liquid, after washing out of the yard, anywhere. At that time, it is unbelievable that they were citizens of cities and villages covered with garbage and suffering from diseases caused by pollution. In the 15th century, the Duke of Württemberg could no longer tolerate the stench of his city, and even though he established a rule to dispose of excrement and garbage outside the settlement, the citizens' unconscionable actions did not stop and they were not interested in following the rules. , and it was not implemented at all due to the inability to increase the number of people to be checked. Thus, the duke issued another order, and as a result, the village became clean, and the basis for the definition of cleanliness of today's Germans was laid. According to the decree, if citizens do not report a neighbor who does not clean up his garbage, dumps it on the street, and pollutes it, both the person who did not report it and the neighbor who pollutes will be punished. If reported on time and ignored, depending on the number of actions, the informant was rewarded with half of the land of the dirty neighbor, and the problem of expanding the scope of the clean environment was reflected in the way of enlarging the land of useful and hardworking people. As a result of this, every family, home, and the area inside the yard, in order not to lose the place and place to the curse of the yard, and because of the fear of the long tongues and tongues of the informers and the neighbors, every Saturday, a clean nation was born. It is believed that it has contributed to the development of today's strong and developed country by improving the social mentality and eventually leading to good results in which people can compete with each other in a comfortable manner.