Words spoken when emotions are at their peak can be powerful
by Baigalmaa staff
Words spoken when emotions are at their peak can be powerful
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash
There are quite a few cases where the words spoken in anger come true during arguments and lead to tragedy. Is it a coincidence that the sadness coincides, or can the words spoken at the height of emotion really come true, and can our tongue become our "enemy"? These questions have attracted the interest of psychologists, but there are still no clear answers. Although there is research showing that words spoken when emotions are at their peak can be powerful, it is better to try to comfort and fix the feelings of those who have experienced such situations than to try to comfort them by saying, "It just happened at that time, forgive yourself, it was an accident." what to do, it doesn't work, and then I feel sad when I see people living under pressure all their lives, sometimes I regret having such a profession, and I try to convince myself that it's a tragic coincidence, but I pay attention to what I say. A psychologist and his clients wrote the following from the tragic stories that happened to them, as a lesson.

- One morning, she had a big quarrel with her husband over a small matter, shouting at everyone in front of her. Her husband used to go to work on a motorcycle because of traffic jams, and one day, the woman called her husband and asked him to go to the market after work and ask him to bring food. ? If you can't, don't come back, never come back! he shouted. The conversation was cut off by saying, "Why don't you go yourself if you have time?" Because her husband didn't come in the evening, the woman cursed her husband in her mind and in her mouth, until the phone rang, saying that she was speaking from the police station. Near the market, a truck broke the rules and a man on a motorcycle died on the spot. When he heard that he found your number on his mobile phone, he fainted. Thus, the husband never stopped coming, and the woman was left with lifelong trauma because of the few words he said.
- Another woman who was married for twenty-seven years with a broken heart, threatened her husband to divorce her because of money issues, and after saying terrible words of hurt and despair, her husband died of a heart attack as soon as he went to work, and was left a widow. People who always blame themselves for being sent away from the world, it is difficult for such people to prove that they are innocent, and even if they try to make them understand that it is an accident, and that the life of a person is in the hands of God, they cannot be comforted. Therefore, my people, please refrain from speaking harsh words to your loved ones, but think of each other and control your anger. We sincerely ask you to understand that we do not know and cannot know what will happen in a moment, an hour, two hours, and tomorrow. The article of a soulful psychologist, who shared his heartfelt words about his profession, and the great singer's, "People! Love one another as long as you live!” Let's end with a wise word...