Amazing occurrences of prophecies fulfilled
by Baigalmaa staff
Amazing occurrences of prophecies fulfilled
There are many cases of predicting future events and their coming true, but the following events continue to surprise many because it is clear who said them and when, and they match the conditions and processes of the past events almost exactly. When things that were foretold and prophesied did not come true, people treated them with mockery and mockery. But today, we can't be surprised that we are witnessing the fulfillment of what was prophesied by those amazing people a few tens or hundreds of years ago.

Atomic bomb. In 1914, English fiction writer Herbert Wells clearly described this deadly weapon in his book "The Free World".

9/11 attacks. Nostradamus wrote in his diary that an iron bird fell from the sky in New York, and the Bulgarian prophetess Vanga foresaw this tragedy in New York.

Cold War. In 1840, the French politician Alexis de Tocqueville caused a stir by writing an article that the fate of the world would be divided into the hands of two great powers, America, which was almost unknown at that time, and Russia.

Kennedy assassination. John Kennedy's death was predicted by American astrologer and prophet Gene Jackson.

World War II American psychic Edgar Cayce's trance notes not only coincide with the dates of his prophecies about World War II, but also clearly describe the course of the events.

Destruction of the Russian Empire. The assassination of the royal family in 1917 and the demise of the monarchy were prophesied many years ago by Archbishop Seraphim Sarovsky. It is interesting that G. Rasputin's notes before the event are mentioned.

The Moon Landing The French fiction writer Jules Verne, 100 years before the Americans landed on the moon, described the event in his book From the Earth to the Moon, and some things match with amazing detail.

Social network. American fiction writer Ray Bradbury, in his 1953 book "Fahrenheit 451", describes the technology by which the people of the world can communicate remotely.

Titanic wreck. Author Morgan Robertson in his 1898 book "Details" described how the Titanic sank in the Atlantic Ocean, and 14 years later, the Titanic also sank in the same way.

It is interesting to note that most of the prophecies and foresights were written by writers rather than prophets and clairvoyants. You should also be careful with your thoughts. There is no such thing as unfulfilled...