A letter from the principal to his teachers
by Baigalmaa staff
A letter from the principal to his teachers
Photo by Álvaro Serrano on Unsplash
A school principal used to write this letter to his teachers and hand it to every new teacher. Although it is not the time when this letter was written, nor is it the age we live in, I thought that you, the readers, and our teachers, will accept it with your wise minds.

Dear teacher!
I am a person who has gone through the pain of seeing things that no one should see, in the horrible concentration camps. There I saw scientists and engineers planning and building a gas furnace. There, I and the professional doctors saw children being separated and those with diseases being put into gas furnaces. Nurses and nannies watched babies being killed. I saw young people who graduated from high school working there, educated killers who shot and burned women and children. Therefore, from that time, I stopped looking at people by the level of education and I stopped believing in education. I'm begging you. My students, I ask you once again to help them be human. Your endeavors shall never, ever, ever, ever, ever produce or create learned monsters, educated beasts, paranormal experts, sworn deviants, paranormal doctors, nurses, educated freaks. I sincerely hope that your teaching, reading, writing, and arithmetic lessons will be meaningful, purposeful, and rewarding, only to help your students become human beings.
It is no secret that today's era, as well as our society, is obsessed with ultra-technological development, values material things, and neglects the quality of instilling humanity and decency in children. At the very least, children, on the way to school, feel sorry for a shivering puppy, there is no humane puppy to touch, it is a pity that we live in a hollow and cold society... At least, to instill love for animals and all living things, we, the most cruel evil The time has come for us adults to try hard to instill in our children that great thing called Love, which is still lacking in people, even though animals can love each other.