An instructive story to show the mistake of why some people stay single for life
by Baigalmaa staff
An instructive story to show the mistake of why some people stay single for life
A woman, single, spoke about her friend who wanted to marry, and there is no one who does not know that people like this woman, you, live around us. After reading this story, you will start looking at the problems of those people differently, and maybe you will want to change some things yourself.

This woman narrated like this. My friend, who has been single for almost 10 years and is looking for a partner, is in his 30s and is not very different from others in terms of his appearance and thinking. He works in a government organization, his salary is not very high, he comes from work and spends his evenings staring at a blue screen. Time passes, and he, too, will get better. Every time we meet, he complains that he is married, that he is tired of single life, and always asks me to introduce him to someone. I feel like helping. My husband works at a car repair shop, so I once asked him if there was a good single person at work. It happened and he told his friend about it. A very happy person came running. So, what do you do? I answered that I am a repairman, a pleasant and good person. I just need a smart, educated, generous and handsome young man as a director.'' What would be the need of such a person? My husband and I, as the date approached and we were worried about the other guy and didn't know what to say, we found a way to introduce another woman instead of our friend. She is also an ordinary girl in her 30s. After the first date, after the date, my friend told me on the phone - "He's a nice guy." I can't wait to see you again." So, I called the guy and asked how the date went. Then, this young man said, "She's just a girl." But not who I thought. "I like women who are tall, beautiful, and wear expensive clothes."
Since this incident, I and the above three people have noticed that all three of us are missing out on real opportunities to live a happy married life, chasing the ideal that doesn't exist. Then, when they come to visit us one by one, they talk about how they got married and how my husband and I will have a good life together. My husband is not a director, he is not even a director, and I am not a model either, but we are happy to live a complete family life that we built together, she said, smiling happily.
When I heard this, I thought that it is better to evaluate any situation more realistically, look for the requirements and criteria that you impose on others, and think about whether you are suitable for what you ask or want from your environment. What do you think? Share it!