Live long and nurse yourself
by Baigalmaa staff
Live long and nurse yourself
From the secret of longevity...

• 0-16 years of childhood, 17-44 years of age, 45-64 years of age, 65-79 years of age, 80-89 years of age, and more than 90 years of age. At the age of 38-40, the phenomenon of aging appears. Around the age of 38, there will be changes in the lungs, and around the age of 45, there will be changes in the heart, and there will be symptoms such as high blood pressure.
• It is important for people to go to bed early and get up early. Do not eat dinner until you are too full. Before going to bed, do not use tea or tobacco, and wash your body and feet. Be calm and free for 15-30 minutes without thinking about anything.
• In general, it is important to consume small amounts of food and drinks often. Don't overdo it with fat. Eating fish often can prevent cardiovascular disease. Adjust your 3 daily meals to 30% in the morning, 40% in the afternoon, and 30% in the evening. If you are obese, set it to 40% in the morning, 40% in the afternoon, and 20% in the evening.
• Wear clean clothes that match the season. Clean air and environment are important nutrients for life. It can protect heat energy and keep the body in balance.
• Doing housework and active physical activity regularly improves the digestion of food and drinks, keeps all muscles, tendons and organs healthy, improves tone and increases strength.
• Kindness, kindness, good intentions, cheerfulness and enthusiasm are the main forces of longevity. Connected with mental activity, health changes.
• Always develop and protect your organs. Treat the disease early.
• Insomnia, blurred vision, and tinnitus are considered the first signs of aging. It is accompanied by changes such as graying of hair, formation of wrinkles on the face, changes in body shape, etc. So stick to warm, nutritious foods like whole meats with bones and soups.
• Also, do not overdo the nutrients in food and drink. Doing so can cause diseases such as obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes. Scientific studies indicate that if a 45-year-old person weighs 12 kg more, his or her life expectancy will decrease by 25%.
• Nutrients are the basis of disease-fighting substances that maintain the body's balance and provide energy.
• Excessive use of dry food and alcohol will kill the heat of the stomach fire and interfere with the process of clear and clear excretion. Therefore, the lack of nutrients in the body can lead to disease. Regular consumption of food and drinks with the right ratio of nutrients is the main guarantee of good health.
• Some people attribute longevity to supplements and other treatments. However, it is good to follow the rules of everyday life and understand that "it is better to exercise with medicine than to exercise with medicine".
• You can live to be 100 years old if you manage your life according to scientific principles, prevent diseases, and adjust the sequence of events correctly.

Factors affecting longevity
• Have a purpose in life
• Enjoying your work
• Always be active and mobile
• Adhere to daily work and rest schedule
• Consuming nutritious foods
• Sleep normally
• Control your emotions and have an optimistic outlook
• A good spouse and a happy family
• Avoid bad habits
• Get fit
• Use of medicinal plants for disease prevention
• Acupressure