Misconceptions that judge countries
by Baigalmaa staff
Misconceptions that judge countries
Photo by Brett Zeck on Unsplash

- It is wrong to believe that England lives in eternal fog. Although there are many gloomy days, there are also good days. But it is true that they like to talk about the weather.

- It is not true that Indians are considered poor, dark and dirty. Many years of colonialism and violation of human rights have led to this view. Although it is true that there are many poor people, this country is rapidly developing, leading the world in pharmaceutical, software, and film production. They live very cleanly in their homes and dress cleanly. However, the streets are very dirty and smelly.

- It is wrong to consider Americans as idiots based on the percentage of educated citizens. The training there does not teach any extra lessons, only provides information that can be applied in real life. 326 Americans have won the Nobel Prize, leading the world in the number of scientific discoveries.

- Italians are often imagined by macaroni. This national dish called pasta is a delicately prepared dish flavored with delicious sauces. But this food is not eaten every day. He eats a variety of food just like everyone else.

- Italians are considered a country full of large families with many children. However, for today, it is a country where the decline in birth rate and population growth is a problem. In the past, families had at least 7 children.

- German women are said to be ugly. Like our women, they don't try to stand out by wearing bright clothes. Dress to be simple, modest and comfortable. Young people also dress in the latest fashion. However, as they get older, they tend to spend more money on travel and vacations than on jewelry and clothes.

- Russians drink "vodka" morning and night. It's a bit of an overstatement, but it's a shame that it ranks first in the world for alcohol consumption. It is used more in rural areas and poorer strata of the population. It's caused by the youth, growing up watching it.

- Ukrainians only eat "salo". It is said that in the past, every family kept a pig, so it was used a lot. However, this country is known for its "salo". Now, like in other countries, normal food is used.

"Sushi" is popular among the Japanese, but they don't eat it every day. They mainly eat rice and vegetables.

- All French women are beautiful and fashionable. Because Paris is the city and the center of the fashion world, most people think that French women wear body-hugging dresses and red lips when they go shopping. But French women prefer to wear comfortable clothes. But I really pay attention to make-up. It can accentuate your beauty, lighten it, and make it look good without excessive make-up.