Inspirational, motivational and celebrity quotes
by Baigalmaa staff
Inspirational, motivational and celebrity quotes

If you want to make the world happy, go home and love your family. Math Teresa
Calmness, stronger than emotion, silence, stronger than shouting, indifferent coldness, more terrible than war. Martin Luther King
Dream as if you will live forever, but learn to live today as if you will die tomorrow. B. Franklin
Live in such a way that the people you meet smile when they see you, and when you start a relationship, they become even a little bit happier. Osho
Happiness is when your loved ones are healthy and alive. Others can be repaired, replaced, discarded, acquired, or even forgotten. L. Sukhorukov
Don't say you're busy. Time was given to you, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, T. Jefferson, Pasteur, Albert Einstein were all given the same time. D. Brown
You attract everything that happens to you, all the people around you, everything that comes into your life. You decide what to do next. R. Bach
In 20 years, you will regret not doing something, but not doing it. So, get rid of doubts. Mark Twain
Great is not the man who has never fallen or been defeated, but great is the man who falls and rises. Confucius
Living your life is not selfish. But the desire to keep others as you are, is true, self-centered selfishness. Oscar Wilde
A happy look on your face is more expensive than any expensive outfit. D. Carnegie
When life seems difficult, you go up the ladder of life. But if it is light, it means going down. G. Ford
Not every guilty person apologizes. Only those who value their relationships seek forgiveness and forgiveness. Remark
A capable person is a creator and an incompetent person is a critic. Chuck Palahniuk
When things get tough, remind yourself that it's not okay to give up. Mike Tyson
Loving a woman means not thinking about what you get from her, but what you can give her. A. Morua
When you are afraid of what others will think of me, you show that you are in control of those people. N. Walsh