A love letter for understanding
by Baigalmaa staff
A love letter for understanding
Photo by Álvaro Serrano on Unsplash
Although it is a letter written by a father to his little son, here is an instructive letter that all ages should read and let their children understand in their own words, as well as think about it themselves. Familiar childhood memories are revived, heartbreaking...

How are you? My son!
Tomorrow is the start of school, a day of responsibility. You will enter the third grade. No matter how fast. When I was in third grade, there was a boy named Adam. He will come in different and sometimes ugly clothes. In general, he used to dress very strangely. He never smiled, always hung his head and looked down as if he didn't want to see anyone. And I don't think he ever had someone like your mother who never did homework and told him to do it. The children always made fun of him and he kept his head down. I didn't make fun of him, but I never offered to sit with him, I didn't protect him from other kids, I didn't play at recess. He was very lonely. Today I, almost every day, Adam remembers me? For some reason, I always think that when I forgot, I didn't even know who I was. Now I understand that God sends people around me as gifts. So, think of all the children in your class as gifts from God. My son, when you see someone in your class bullying and insulting one of you, notice whether you feel a little pain or not. I am your father, I want you to believe more in yourself, in your heart and soul. When you feel someone's pain and sadness, and your heart aches, that is compassion, and it means that God is giving you a signal. He said through your heart, "Get up Mark, one of my children is suffering, do something to help him." By helping someone, one becomes happy for a while. It is the language of God. It is said that when God wants to talk to you, your heart aches for someone. Do not ignore this whisper of God. For example, I now realize that I ignored what was going on with Adam, my compassion, my fear, my coldness. I still remember how difficult it was for him. Adam could have been my friend, but I regret that it didn't happen because of my boring imitation of others. Mark, I don't expect you to be the smartest in your class, or the fastest, or the winner of any competition. Your mother and I love you without limit. When we send you to school, we want you to learn patience, the ability to overcome things, courage, and kindness in life. There are kind people and brave people. Kindness and empathy overcome fear of crowds and other fears. Trust me my son. This is very important. It's not important to try to be good at everything. Be happy with what you have and see if you are growing and changing more than you were last year. Make it your goal to learn to be kind, brave, and hardworking. Take care of the ostracized child who is ignored by his classmates and teachers. This year, try to make at least one person happy. This is very important. I, always, thank God that you are with me and count them as the best gift of my life. I love you, father.