The power of descent
by Baigalmaa staff
The power of descent
Photo by Felipe Bastias on Unsplash
Why doesn't an ant know how to build a nest? Even if it's 10, 20, 30, it's too late, they just rush around. However, as soon as they reach a certain number, they start building their nest as if by a unified command. It is said that other insects, animals and humans live by this principle. Waterfowls do not know where to fly in pairs, but as soon as they are found, one of them becomes the leader of the flock and follows the others, without deviating from the path that other birds have taken before them. Where do you get the necessary information? In the past, researchers used to believe that the most experienced captain would be the leader, but the youngest, who had never flown this way before, is the one who leads the flight.

For humans, the same thing happens. This is explained by the vast experience and information of our ancestors over millions of years, recorded in our database at the genetic level. This is a great power. In the depths of our consciousness, many things from the past have been recorded, and history is enriched with legends. In other words, it will be possible to use all the information, memory and other collected and stored information of the whole family. Such behavior has been called subconscious intelligence, and it is a behavior that emphasizes communication and interaction between generations. It is believed that spiritual growth is impossible without lineage connection, it may be for a while, but there is no further condition without receiving the lineage energy. For this, it is necessary to treat our ancestors with respect, to communicate in our hearts, to seek forgiveness, to live full of memories, to understand each other and to help each other. The concept of lineage, origin, and ancestors educates us to respect ourselves, our elders, respect each other, and serves as a foundation for spiritual growth. The hard work and energy dedicated to this genealogical relationship always gives results in life and work, and it is usually manifested in the form of the appearance and good looks of the species, showing "signs".