Descent energy and conscience
by Baigalmaa staff
Descent energy and conscience
Photo by Sinitta Leunen on Unsplash
Ancestors and lineages are considered to be an unbreakable, umbilical-connected energy database of people. In the complete life of people, it is considered very important to connect with the life, work and aspirations of their ancestors over the centuries. This connection with the ancestors is said to be manifested in the human conscience, and the value of the conscience and the place it occupies in the soul shows that a person is closely related to his ancestors.

Disregarding lineage leads to life as a tree without roots and threatens to cut off the offspring. If a person's actions and activities are in line with the wishes of his ancestors, he can use the inexhaustible resources of knowledge and memory of his ancestors. It is said that the years of atheism and over-scientific ideology have cut off the tradition of worshiping the genealogy of many people. Today, we are living in a time when we have the opportunity to restore this tradition, not only by genealogy, but by using the power of our own mind to respect our ancestors, seek forgiveness, and keep our paths straight, we are living in a good time to strengthen our genealogical ties and get blessings. The more one remembers and addresses one's ancestors, the more the energy of the lineage grows and strengthens. By lovingly remembering your superiors who are not in the world, respecting your living relatives, purifying your ancestral energy, sitting in a program with positive connections, and receiving help from your ancestors, a person's life begins to change positively. In this way, the attitude of worshiping the ancestors is transmitted from generation to generation, gathering divine energy and divine power. "A person will enter the Supreme Kind through his son, reach Immortality through his grace, and reach the Light of the World through his thirtieth! There is no death!” there is that. In order to strengthen our lineage ties with our ancestors, we have the full opportunity to gather love and grace in our minds and hearts, remember them positively, and be blessed with divine power. In particular, it is admirable that our Mongolian customs only teach this.