Help can come from anywhere
by Baigalmaa staff
Help can come from anywhere
Soon after Zachary Tooker entered school, doctors diagnosed him with a form of autism. The most difficult manifestation of the disease was that he was afraid, cried continuously, and had pains that prevented him from sleeping at all. Desperate parents, searching for help for their son, read about a man named Chris Vogg on the Internet.

He was a man and a dog trainer, specializing in training dogs that help children with autism. When Susie approached this man and asked for help for her son, the only problem was that he had been in prison since 1998, serving a 48-year life sentence.


But this man, even in prison, was busy training his dog and found out that he was training dogs for blind and deaf people. So, they decided to meet with Chris to get help for their son. It is said that the boy's first meeting with the murderer in prison was terrifying.

However, after the first treatment, the boy liked to visit Chris, and Chris's dog and the boy became friends easily. A dog trainer, he trained his dog, Clyde, to be able to sense Zack's panic attacks when his heart rate starts to increase, draw his attention to himself, and stop the attack. Zach's condition began to improve gradually, and he said, "My panic attacks have subsided and I have calmed down. I'm making friends. "I didn't have friends before."


After that, some time later, when they, as a family, returned to the prison, Chris was delighted to see his sick son, who had isolated himself from everything, embrace his savior with a warm embrace, regardless of what he had done, but Chris, the boy's She shed tears of joy when she saw the change in her behavior and the improvement in her body. For Chris, even now, 21 years later, it's hard to talk about what he did. He, along with his friend, got into an argument with someone and caused a terrible incident due to his loss of self-control. The attitude of overcoming things and solving problems by force is real cowardice. "My cowardice in apologizing and compromising led me to this situation."

He also trains dogs and believes that he is trying to help people, to help them confess and repent.


However, the friendship between Zack and Clyde the dog did not stop, and the boy's health continued to improve. Zack made many friends, studied diligently at school, and my son Zack, who was diagnosed with hopelessness, is successfully transferred to the advanced training class of the school with the help of the criminal. From all this, many things that happen to people are unpredictable, and people never know in advance when and where help will come, and then they are surprised to receive it. Therefore, this story will tell that even though most people hide the dark spots of their past, there are opportunities to correct them and repent.