Birthday and "karma" tasks
by Baigalmaa staff
Birthday and "karma" tasks
Everyone knows that a birthday is not just a day. Every person comes into the world to learn, understand and recognize something about himself, to enjoy his destiny and to learn about life. To know why you came to this world, what purpose and what you came to accomplish, the "karma" or birthday horoscope related to this birth period will help.

21/03-19/04. The time when nature wakes up and recovers. Things are full of energy when they wake up. People born at this time should pay attention to the proper use of this energy, and your "karma" is designed to share your feelings with others and teach them to understand others. As long as you are open, open-minded and sociable enough, fortune always smiles at you. /You should notice/ Also, because you were born when the natural world came to life, you can use the energy of this resurrection and revival in your life with amazing results. Exercising in the morning can help boost your energy levels, channelize your energy, and boost your mood. In general, exercise and movement are your natural qualities.
20/04-20/06. Growth and development period Plants need water, fertilizer and good soil to grow. You, too, deserve good food, free space, and beautiful furnishings. This is your "karma". It becomes the soil and environment for your growth. Don't forget that just as you value your space, so do others. Your task, respect other people's opinion, do not start arguments for no reason, learn to understand others.
21/05-20/06. Flowering period. Flowers and bees, however different they may be, are interrelated. They will be very difficult without each other. It is said that opposites complement each other. Are your mind and heart in conflict? This is your "karma". It is your task to reconcile these conflicting things and the opposites. Use your senses in your personal life and your brains at work. This arrangement is the only lever to lift your life.
21/06-21/07. The holy period of long days. You were born in a peaceful, holy and beautiful time. Beautiful long days are here to accomplish all the things you want to do. Time to create greatness, your "karma". Maybe you want to get lost in boredom, regrets of the past or dreams of the future. Therefore, you should learn to notice that the most beautiful and interesting things in life happen today, right now. Your task is to learn to appreciate what you have and learn to live for today. From this, you will get real satisfaction.
22/07-21/08. Growing up You need to remember that many things in this world cannot be changed. Tomorrow, nature will turn everything around and autumn will come. Your task is to learn to accept the world as it is. When you interact with others, by increasing your communication flexibility, such as giving light feelings and showing kindness, you will feel that your life will be much easier and you will be happier.
22/08-21/09. Harvest time. You were born when all the fruits of things are ripe for the eye. It's also harvest time, and you, whatever you seek, are right there. Constellation takes you to the right place at the right time. This is your "karma". Do you have to make an effort to change something? Forget your disturbing thoughts and headaches. Your task is to learn to use your energy wisely and be patient.
22/09-21/10. Falling leaves. Just like a tree sheds its leaves in autumn, throughout your life, you get rid of old or redundant things and acquire new useful ones. this is your "karma". Maybe you'll travel to see new lands like a swirling gold leaf? Even if you are living or traveling, you are always aware of both. Your task is to learn to take things seriously. Sometimes reality is more interesting than dreams. The main thing is to learn to notice and observe.
23/10-22/11. Awakening. It's a difficult time to get everything done before the cold weather. If you move too early, you risk losing. At times like these, observation and the quality of knowing your size is paramount. You are brave, but when you need to run and rush, you sit with your hands folded. Your task is to learn to observe the happenings and events and to develop the ability to accept changes in a healthy way.
22/11-21/12. A period of long nights. It is natural to need sleep at night. But at this time, your magical abilities, which have been dormant all day, are revived. Your task is to learn to listen to your intuition. Does a loved one or friend need help? Who do you want to impose your "crazy" advice on? Your inner voice will undoubtedly give you the right answer. This is your "karma". Your main task is to learn to listen to him in time, and to return happiness to yourself by helping others.
22/12-19/01. Renewal period Winter, the earth is covered with snow, the nature renews the world, and everything is neat and orderly. You, too, like to keep things in their place, and you are a lover of order. But you need to understand that everything cannot be arranged. Maybe a little untidiness will cheer you up? Also, maybe the people around you will stop seeing you as "tiring"? Your task is to constantly change the rules and routines of your life.

20/01-18/02. A period of purification. In anticipation of the warm spring, the earth is cleansed, the sun is shining, the cold is gone, the sky is clear, and it is a wonderful time to indulge in uncontrollable dreams. Therefore, your mind often floats in the clouds from time to time. Know that at this time, soda inventors and scientists are born. Move forward without wringing your hands. Remember that you came to improve and clean this world. This is your "karma".
19/02-20/03. Period of strong wind. Strong winds can sweep away everything on the road. The willow sways to the tune of the wind. This is "karma". There is always someone or something asking or wanting you. Be able to refuse to help one after the other. Your task is to learn, to learn to focus your will, energy, and effort on one thing before it disappears like "malarial dust".