Unpaid help comes back
by Baigalmaa staff
Unpaid help comes back
Photo by J W on Unsplash

A poor boy who used to go from home to sell things to pay for his schooling, was extremely hungry and couldn't buy anything with 10 cents in his pocket, so he decided to ask the family next door for something to eat. The door opened and a beautiful woman appeared, and instead of asking for something to eat, the panicked boy asked for a glass of water. However, the woman went back and brought milk instead of water, thinking that the boy was hungry. The boy finished drinking the milk and asked, "How much shall I pay you?" asked. The woman said, "There is no need for payment. My mother taught me to do something good and not to get paid in return." The son said, "Then I thank you from the bottom of my heart." When he left, Howard Kelly felt that the boy's soul was good, he was filled with faith in people and God, and he felt that he was gaining strength. Years passed and this woman fell seriously ill. Local doctors could not diagnose him, so he was sent to the central hospital of a big city. The hospital invited Dr. Howard Kelly to consult about this rare disease, and as soon as the doctor heard the name of the patient's city, he hurried to the ward. He recognized the woman as soon as he entered, and managed to cure her by doing everything he could for a long time to save her. As a doctor, when the medical staff came to sign and approve the bill for treatment, Kelly wrote something in the top corner of the page and asked the woman to take the bill straight away. The woman who received the bill, fearing that she might have more than enough money to pay for it in her lifetime, read it, but in the top corner of the page, there was a note: "Your medical bills paid in full with a glass of milk" and below it was the signature of Dr. Howard Kelly.
Dr. Howard Kelly /1858-1943/. An American physician who pioneered the surgical treatment of gynecological diseases, invented dozens of instruments such as the therapeutic cystoscope, and pioneered radiation therapy for cancer.