After waiting and believing and hoping for a long time, he gave up and held his wife's hand in tears - "Don't go!" but...
by Baigalmaa staff
After waiting and believing and hoping for a long time, he gave up and held his wife's hand in tears - "Don't go!" but...
In the hospital reception room, an eighty-year-old woman who had an accident came unconscious, and the intensive care unit did not have a ventilator to hand it over to the neurology department. . The doctors spent the night worried about the arrival of an undocumented person who could not be identified, and the fact that there was no family to buy the necessary things. But miraculously, an old man with a clean, stocky and good-looking appearance came to the hospital early in the morning, and he met the woman's husband. He said, - I immediately understood that something happened with Lidushka at the camp. If he does not come, he must call. Then I came to your place because it is the nearest hospital to the camp. So, the old man began to take care of his old woman, and he took care of her very carefully and well, and the old woman lay unconscious and lifeless for a long time. In the meantime, he will cook his old man's or his old man's favorite food, bring his favorite dessert ice cream, even new clothes, talk to him regardless of whether he listens or not, and then treat others with the things he brought. Really cares tirelessly. And so, thanks to good friends, I learned an interesting but tragic story about two old men.

Lida and Misha met when they were students and fell in love with each other, and they came from two different backgrounds: Misha was the son of a poor but intellectual, Polish twin father, while Lida had an alcoholic father who was a simple worker. However, they got married before the war, overcoming the opposition of Misha's strict parents and Lida's father, who was always drunk. Misha spent the war fighting on the battlefield and Lida working in a military hospital. After the war, they learned that Lida was unable to bear children due to disease caused by the cold soil. Although it was difficult, they did not give up, adopted a son and a daughter from the orphanage, and they grew up to be successful and good people. However, the terrible tragedy was that the two children were involved in mountain sports and were killed by an avalanche while climbing the mountain. The old man did not say how he overcame this pain, and he always told the hospital staff, "It's my Lida." I will surprise you. He also shows pictures of his children, reminisces about their childhood, and sometimes even sings a soft aria. The hospital staff, worried that her nerves were deteriorating, reminded her that it would be difficult for Lida to recover, as if preparing for something bad. The old man shook his head and listened in silence. One such day, the old man's heart seemed to have ended, and he held his wife's hand and said, "Don't go, I can't live without you for two days..." He cried until tears flowed down, and suddenly his eyelids trembled, his eyes opened, and his voice was dry. - I won't go, my love... he said. There really is love. A month later, after Lida was discharged from the hospital, the old man really surprised us when he was carrying her in a wheelchair. He suddenly appeared in a black tailcoat, bowed arrogantly with a flower in his hand, and when he placed a bouquet of flowers on the table, everyone stood up. And then, as he said before, he really surprised everyone, and at the same time, he made them feel the power of the soul and made them understand love.