Stephen Hawking: The most difficult time in human history has come
by Baigalmaa staff
Stephen Hawking: The most difficult time in human history has come

Stephen Hawking, a famous theoretical physicist from England, says that a difficult time has come, unprecedented in the history of mankind, and believes that in order to save the world from the threat of globalization, it is necessary to fight economic inequality without delay. He considered this period as the peak of economic inequality and the most dangerous period, when there is a shortage of jobs caused by the automation of production as a result of economic globalization and technological development, and only managers and inventors are allowed to work. Capital and finance are concentrated in the hands of a few people, and the tendency to hate the upper class or wealthy class is spreading, and it is explained in connection with the exit of England and the European Union and Trump's victory in America. It was a choice that voiced the anger of the people, their indifference, and therefore, global and national leaders must accept their impasse and learn to divide and share the vast financial resources at their disposal, a job that is disappearing. It is stated that if we do not spend the funds collected to re-train professional and industrial workers for other professions, provide material assistance, and create opportunities for millions of immigrants who are immigrating in search of a better life, to live happily in their country, the end is in unpredictable danger. Also, the fame that has accompanied my scientific research works, books and pamphlets that I have written, and I have been included in the ranks of a few wealthy people, and I have been living contentedly, but I feel that this growing tendency to look unfavorably on the wealthy class is being sent to me. But, I am very optimistic. It is believed that it will be heard from London to Harvard, from Cambridge to Hollywood, it was published on the website of The Guardian magazine.