Greed damages the organism
by Baigalmaa staff
Greed damages the organism
Photo by Alexander Grey on Unsplash
"When people are young, they prepare for their old age and collect wealth, but when they die and when they are buried, they collect it" J. Labruyere. Greed not only affects a person's appearance and reputation, but also affects the body. It does not include greed that is temporary and satisfied by acquiring something. A person's long-term greed, envy, envy, greediness, and deathly greediness cause irreparable damage to one's health. The psychology of such people, due to constant stress, damages any part of their body.

Minsk medical doctor N.M. Sprudovsky found out that, compared to open-hearted, generous people, greedy people are 5 times more prone to skin diseases, 6 times more likely to have heart attacks, and 3 times more likely to have strokes. Most of the mentally ill people are stingy and greedy people. It is said that people who are afraid of losing money and worry about running out are the first to suffer from stomach ulcers and have gastrointestinal diseases. Dr. Sprudovsky has developed a special test consisting of 250 questions to determine whether he is greedy, and a test to consider a person who answers more than 40 questions correctly to be affected by "greed". As a result, it was established that greed and disease are definitely related to each other, and it was proposed that more attention should be paid to the method of curing the disease through psychological treatment. Psychosomatic connections of the human brain and interrelationships of internal organs, metabolic neuroendocrine system, and damage to the disease have been revealed. Greed, envy, anger, and frustration lead to increased levels of adrenaline and noradrenaline in the blood, which damage the cardiovascular system and lead to high blood pressure, heart attacks, and strokes. It is said that people who are greedy and greedy often take their hands on everything, even medicine and hospital bills, and they show it after they get sick, causing damage to their health.