New Year's Eve is a magical time to summon money and success
by Baigalmaa staff
New Year's Eve is a magical time to summon money and success
Photo by Chad Madden on Unsplash
The time before the New Year is a magical time full of energy to summon money and success. Using the energy of this period, simple actions to attract good things into your life during this period are believed to bring good luck in the new year.

Cleaning your home before the New Year is not only a good way to welcome the New Year, but it is also helpful for receiving new energy and unlocking the energy of wealth.
It is good to ring the bell in the corner of the room. In this way, the bad energy gathered in the corner is driven away. The use of souvenir bells in this way also affects the birth of new ideas and the beginning of work.
It is good to place bills on mirrors other than the mirrors in the hall and bathroom. The mirror should be very clean and not cracked.
During this period, the entrance room should be kept clean, freed from unnecessary junk and things, and kept in order. Also, it is necessary to decorate and create an environment that will make people happy when they first come outside.
It is believed that re-writing and planning the tasks that have not been done in the past year, making room for new ideas and dreams, and restoring energy. It helps to get rid of the past and look only to the future.
It is said to restore money energy by hanging a small New Year's decoration in the east part of the house or room.
Write down your plans for the new year and put them in your mind. In December, the north-west has the highest material energy. What is your goal? How many? When? should be concise and clear to answer the question.
Pay attention to your utensils and dishes and beware of broken or broken items. These fragile objects are believed to block energy.
Every morning, every time you look in the mirror, imagine that you are a happy and beautiful person.
Check your bathroom and kitchen taps to make sure there are no leaks or drips.
At this time, it is said that it is good to light a red candle to energize your home.
Try these simple and easy methods and see how the doors of wealth and success will open for you from the first day of the new year.