Reviving the fire of the soul
by Baigalmaa staff
Reviving the fire of the soul
Photo by Fares Hamouche on Unsplash
It's a very simple, yet powerful exercise that will dramatically improve your life. Do you want the best of life to show you, to be lucky, successful, attract the love of the world and leave with a smile?

Don't you feel that there is something warm and beautiful inside you? Even if the situation is "gloomy" in conventional terms, there must be something beautiful inside you. It is the most natural and the most beautiful human quality, with a sense of joy. If you don't feel good about it or don't appreciate it, it means that your good quality has been temporarily hidden like a spark of fire. So, just as you blow out a dead fire, blow out that good thing inside you. Notice where your body feels at this time. There is a feeling of warmth in the stomach and chest, a slight tingle in the throat, and a sharp improvement in vision and hearing. It may be like a candle flame, a ember, a ray of sunshine, or a small torch in the darkness. Revive it further. Spread it around. You will see how this light will spread. Because this light, the best quality of man, is full of this world. They are visible only when they are illuminated. Even if you are offended, try to look behind the fire you have lit. Just like yours, theirs will burn. Even your detractors are always ready to flare up. Keep this magical fire burning within you throughout the day and forever. That fire will help you make many decisions in life.

But let us remind you that you should not use this exercise to control others or to make others like you. That good quality of yours should be yours and shine inside you. This will help you, sooner or later, to know that other people, as well as themselves, have it. This fire is called LOVE.