The difference between a good employee and a bad employee
by Baigalmaa staff
The difference between a good employee and a bad employee
Being a good employee leads to a good future, such as promotions, raises, and rewards. Also, for companies and official organizations, the main goal is to create a team of good employees. The following is a lesson in what it takes to be a good employee and how to teach your employees what makes a good employee.

When a young employee worked for the same company for many years, he used to come to work early and leave late to fulfill the tasks given by his director. He wants to be promoted. But at this time, another employee was promoted instead of him, and the angry young man demanded to explain this to the director. But the director said, "Before I answer, let me ask you one thing. Go to the store and buy some oranges. My wife needs it." The young man agreed and brought an orange from the store. The boss said:
- What orange did you get?
- I don't know. You asked for an orange, so I brought an orange
- How much is it?
- I don't know exactly. You gave me $30. He got it for you. Here is the check
- Thank you. Now sit down and watch carefully, said the director, calling the other promoted employee and asking him to bring oranges from the store. When he arrived, the director began asking questions.
- What orange did you get?
- There were quite a few kinds of oranges in the store. Remembering that you didn't know which one to buy and that you and your wife needed it, I called him and he told me that I needed it to make juice for the reception. He is very happy.
- How much is it?
- It was difficult. I didn't know how much I needed, so I called your wife again and asked how many guests would be coming. I talked to the seller and found out how much it would take to make juice for 20 people. This is your answer check, said. The boss smiled and said, "Thank you, you can go." When he looked back at the sitting employee, the young man got up, sighed, and said, "I understand everything," and left.
The difference between the two employees is that the first guy's goals are based on money, position, and honor, while the second guy's goals are focused on doing his job from the heart, respecting the employer's intentions, and doing better.