Consequences of excessive care and concern for children
by Baigalmaa staff
Consequences of excessive care and concern for children
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Once, a tired woman came to God, carrying sacks of things and hunched over her load. God asked him, - Are you tired? Put down your burden and sit down! The woman said - Thank you, I can't do it if I'm not in a hurry, I asked you something and left. Has anything bad happened to my son during the time that I have been visiting you? Then I will never forgive myself.

- What do you mean you won't forgive yourself?
- If something happens to my son...
- I work only for that. What have I done to make you doubt?
- No, there are many dangers in this life. Bad effects, sudden changes, turns, etc. My son is at an age where he wants to see everything, participate in everything, and test himself in everything. What if you fall? Get hurt. What if you fall into bad habits? I might lose my way. What if you get sick? I will die. I will not eat or drink, I will starve.
-So what? Just be careful. Feel the pain in your skin. And distinguish between good and bad. It will be a good experience. Why don't you like to learn by yourself? Just study!
- Because I want to keep him away from all the pain and suffering of life, so I carry this burden. Inside, there is a straw to soften it when it falls
- Then, do you want me to surround him with straw? He said, look, and in the twinkling of an eye, he threw a straw around his son to protect him from all dangers, accidents, mistakes, temptations and wrong things. It also created an environment of isolation from life. At this time, the woman saw that her son was struggling to get out of the straws that surrounded him, so the son, desperate, decided to set fire to the straws.
"Son, I've just gone," cried his mother, "Do you want to add more straw?" God asked, - The more you worry about your child, the more you trample on something like straw, the more you yearn to get out of it. If you can't get out, you even start burning your life. He knows no pain, no freedom, no choice. A bag full, this straw of yours, but a bag full of problems. In it are all the horrors you have imagined, the fears that live inside you. These things that you worry about and worry about grow and multiply by feeding on your energy. That's why your burden is getting heavier and your back is getting tired and hunched.
"And I shouldn't worry about my son?" God, what do you say?
- Take care, take care as you want. But you, never worry! I care about him too. Let me take care of him and let him do his job. Just don't bother me. But, I understand that this is a problem related to your trust in me.