Professor Najip Valitov: I proved the existence of God
by Baigalmaa staff
Professor Najip Valitov: I proved the existence of God
Najip Valitov, professor of Bashkir University, was a person who was very distant from God and dedicated his whole life to scientific research and became known to the world. He had no idea that his research would attract the attention of the scientific community. The results of his independent experiments and research, "movement of gravitation and electromagnetic space forces and vacuum oscillations during chemical action on atoms and molecules" became a topic that shocked the scientific community.

This academic work is stored and studied in the scientific libraries of 45 leading universities in 12 countries, including 7 universities in the United States, 2 universities in England, 15 universities in Moscow and 15 universities in Moscow. Through this research work: 9 new properties of curved space, 16 new data on atomic structure, 16 new equations of unified theory of gravitation and electromagnetic fields, 14 new properties of astronomical gravity, and 16 new laws were confirmed. This theory has been confirmed by theory and experiments that all objects in the world, regardless of the distance between them, interact in a moment. Previously, it was believed that no interaction could take place at speeds exceeding the speed of light. Some time after completing the research, the professor received an unexpected letter. The letter, written by the Pope of the Vatican himself, contained the following content: "We have decided to send you our gratitude based on the detailed study and analysis of this research, while we appreciate the values that led you to carry out this work of analysis." After that, the professor read the Bible, the Torah, and the Koran, and was amazed to learn that his scientific discoveries corresponded to the essence of these scriptures. He said that "God sees and hears everything at the same time", which is often repeated in God's scriptures, and if God exists, he can possess this ability. , which involves the action of emission, so thought can be considered material.

In this way, a scientific step has been taken to prove that the supreme mind of the world knows our thoughts and controls us wherever we are. Valitov's theory is considered by his colleagues to have disproved 20 laws of chemistry, 28 laws of physics, 40 laws of mechanics, and 12 laws of thermodynamics. He also believed that his assertion that "during a balanced reversal process, time is converted into energy and mass, and then can be reversed" makes it impossible to deny what is written in God's book about the resurrection of the dead. Professor Valitov requested that his findings be checked by the relevant authorities, and they sent an answer to Andrey Trofimuk, an academician of the Academy of OSU, who appreciated his enthusiasm. Now, he is overwhelmed by letters and comments from professors, politicians, scientists, and religious figures. Also, he said, "First, I made a discovery that proved the existence of God with a formula, but then I discovered Him in my heart" and considered himself religious.