Interesting facts about the heredity of intelligence
by Baigalmaa staff
Interesting facts about the heredity of intelligence
Photo by Sangharsh Lohakare on Unsplash
These facts from the world of genetics are a reminder that people should live their lives in such a way as to make a positive contribution to the brains of their offspring.

-Intelligence is not inherited from father to son. It is said that if the father is a genius, 100% will be passed on to the son. Therefore, since good and bad qualities are equally heritable, sons with unfaithful fathers need not fear that they will imitate their father.
- Father's intelligence, inherited only by daughters. But only half. The rest will be learned by girls
-A man inherits his mother's intelligence, which he inherits from his father
- Daughters of geniuses inherit the intellectual side of their fathers, but their sons become true geniuses.
Therefore, there are few women who are 100% smart and there are no women who are 100% stupid, but there are many men who are smart or vice versa.
To conclude from these:
If you want to predict your son's intellectual capacity, you should look at your wife's father. If he is an academic, your son will be intelligent.
Your daughter has half your intelligence and is very close to you in terms of intelligence.
But your daughter's son or nephew will inherit all your wisdom. If you want to have intelligent and self-imitating offspring, have a daughter. Women:
Because your son is a version of your own father in terms of intelligence, it makes no sense to call him "the so-and-so who imitates his father."
Your daughter gets her education from you and her intelligence from her father.
But your daughter's sons inherit the wisdom of your husband or uncle.
It is necessary for men to be more responsible in making their offspring good and intelligent people. Imagine not only seeing yourself in your daughters, but even seeing a version of yourself in your nephews. In this way, men are assigned the responsibility to continue their progeny.