6 rules followed by people who look younger than they are
by Baigalmaa staff
6 rules followed by people who look younger than they are
There are many women who can be said to never age, who look younger than their age, have no weight, and retain their youth. There are beautiful people with clean skin, almost no wrinkles, smile wrinkles in the corners of their eyes, everything is going well, and they are always smiling. There is a common rule among these people.

Rule #1. A person's stomach and intestines should work like clockwork, and constipation and not cleaning the body can make the skin look dull and dead. According to Eastern medicine and domism, the small intestine is called the root of the body. The health of the stomach depends most on what we eat, and fresh fruits and vegetables, purified water, various rice porridges, and herbal teas can improve the appearance of a person's skin. When the protein tissue-collagen in the structure of the skin is not lacking in water, it pushes out and stretches the wrinkles caused by pressure on the skin. Therefore, if you drink 1.5-2 liters of unboiled, purified water per day, the body is filled with life energy and enriched with oxygen.

Rule No. 2. Lack of sleep is the real enemy of beauty. By sleeping early and getting enough rest, youth can be preserved. Sleep should be accepted as a gift from God with an incomparable beneficial effect on the health of the body. It is believed that with the power of sleep, the human body rests and the mind is cleansed.

Rule No. 3. It should be recognized that fresh air is an inseparable friend of youth and beauty. If you sit at work all day, spend at least half the way home walking in the air. Try to keep fans and windows open even in winter. Getting used to being outdoors on weekends. In order to be normal, a person needs to breathe 30 cubic meters of fresh air per hour. And what is necessary to preserve youth is sauna and banya. It is a wonderful procedure that removes toxins and harmful substances from the body through the skin and exfoliates dead skin.

Rule No. 4. Today, even children know about vitamins. Of course, no alcohol, cigarettes or cookies. Fruits and vegetables should be used fresh in summer and dried or frozen in winter. It is believed that you can forget about fatigue and old age by making a compote of dried fruits instead of drinks, and regularly using oats, flax seeds, and dog's beak extract daily.

Rule No. 5. One of the biggest secrets of staying young is to suppress and avoid negative emotions. This is considered the most important of all rules. As long as you play like in your youth, laugh until you cry, don't forget to develop, and want the best for others, don't be jealous, and have a favorite job or hobby, your face and eyes shine with youth. No need for plastic surgery or other procedures, how nice.

Rule No. 6. /small, very important/ We forget about hand care and remember it too late. Hands are considered to be the only means of determining a person's age, and people who are frugal and resourceful have been taking care of their hands for a long time. They must use gloves at temperatures below +4. Therefore, in spring and autumn, it is recommended to wear thin gloves to protect your hands.