Overton's Window /must read/
by Baigalmaa staff
Overton's Window /must read/
In today's information age, the development of technology has become the core and essence of human development, and the concept of heritage, culture, morals, and values has been pushed aside. , humanity and compassion are facing the danger of becoming social puppets. In this regard, let's present a topic that threatens mankind about the emergence of "Overton's Window" or a theory of science that has brought terrible destruction to mankind, its capabilities, principles of operation, influence, destructiveness, and how to protect ourselves from it.

Using Overton's window theory, even the most moral society can be altered in its consciousness, instilling arbitrary ideals into its consciousness and demoralizing its morals. This theory elaborates the steps and sequenced activities for people to accept arbitrary ideas, install them in their consciousness, become habits and customs, and this theory was developed by the American sociologist Joseph Overton in the mid-1990s, and it takes the level of society and people's thinking and acceptance of things. released for viewing and evaluation purposes. However, it was actually a work that accurately recorded and explained the technology that has served people's thinking throughout human life. In ancient times, it was accepted by people, instinctively and subconsciously, but in the current technological age, it has become a "terrible" model of mathematically precise thought control with a very specific pattern.
Overton's window and its "spooky" abilities
With the help of this theory, any ideology can be implanted in the thinking and consciousness of any society. As an example, consider how homosexuality is accepted in society. In the past, this sexual deviance was considered a negative thing to be ashamed of. However, in the last half of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century, the social mentality of accepting this deviant attitude slowly changed, and today it is fully accepted and legalized. This is an observable example of Overton's theory, and let's see how it works. You may remember that in the early days, the media began to write that homosexuality was an inherent quality, even if it was a paradox. Later experiments proved that it was indeed innate. More and more famous people have also announced their paranoia. After all, this addiction, which 50 years ago did not even exist, let alone universally accepted, has become a form of life, which is considered normal. This is how the Overton window theory works. How does the Overton window work?
It is believed that the technology of programming the social mind has existed in almost every age. Nathan Rothschild, one of the generational billionaires, the Rothschilds, certainly did not just say, "He who owns the information owns the world." The world's powerful and powerful people hide many things from the society. In some poor country, the ultimate goal of a billionaire who lends money from his own fund is to own the country's assets. This theory, although it is carried out in such a way as to artificially impose things on the social psychology, has the ability to influence completely unnoticed and is a terrible weapon that can make even the most unimaginable things accepted by society as normal. In connection with this, it should be mentioned that a famous television broadcaster said: "There is a world government, but it is not made up of big politicians, but the rule of big money without an owner."
How not to be affected?
The operation of this Overton window is directed towards the subconscious mind. A person's ability to be himself and his ability to imitate others greatly determines whether he will enter this service. The fact that people are afraid of others in society is considered a manifestation of the Overton window. Following what is accepted by the majority and wanting to be the same is also a sign of this, and who determines what is the norm for these majority? Don't forget that you only get it from the media. The scary thing is that 100 years from now we are living in a time when it cannot be denied that having sex on the street or in the middle of the market place is normal and natural. Therefore, I remind you to stay true to your personal opinion, be careful of following the majority, and avoid watching and watching news from various media outlets, possibly prepared in "Overton's kitchen". In addition, if the problem of distinguishing between good and bad is not implanted in the consciousness, Overton's window destroyer idea can be successfully implemented. A bloodless war and mental conquest is underway, beware.
What were the following items released for? What are we trying to get you to accept?

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