Disease causes and thoughts
by Baigalmaa staff
Disease causes and thoughts
Where does the disease come from? It is possible to consider the origin of the disease from a psychological point of view, which none of us think about. It is clear to everyone what the thoughts of a person with a sad face are. It is believed that the face of old people is a direct reflection of the thoughts they have had in their lives. Here is a list of metaphysical diagnoses and causes of many diseases and illnesses, and what kind of illness they have, what a person thinks and how those thoughts affect the body. /90-95% matches/

- Head. The head is our main organ. We are primarily perceived and recognized by our head. If you have a problem with your head, it means that you have a problem with your life.

- Ears. The fact that a person has bad hearing is related to the fact that there are always things in the person's life that he does not like to hear. Deafness is said to be the result of mental processes in the brain caused by not wanting to hear anyone for a long time.
- Eyes. Early vision loss shows that there are things in life that you don't like to see. In particular, pay attention to what is happening in the lives of young children who wear glasses.
- Headache. When you stop valuing yourself, you get headaches. When you figure out where and when you are being humiliated and looked down upon and avoid it, the disease will disappear.
- Migraine. A disease of people who want to be perfect. And people whose lives are full of shocks and frustrations are reflected.
- Neck and throat. The neck is an organ that shows the flexibility of thought, the ability to see problems from a different perspective, and to understand people's points of view. If the movement of the neck begins to be limited, stubbornness has begun to prevail. Throat diseases are caused by not being able to enjoy one's rights and being dissatisfied.
- Laryngitis. Shock originates from frustration and anger. The point of creative energy is located in the throat, and diseases related to the tongue and thyroid gland are a sign of suffering from not being able to do what you want. Also, because there is a change point in the throat, when any change is resisted, the throat is refreshed and there is an unexplained cough.
- Back. The spine is our backbone. Back pain is caused by not getting enough support from the family. Pain in the upper part of the back is caused by the thought that "my family members do not understand and support me", pain in the middle part is caused by feelings of guilt, pain in the lower part of the back is caused by constantly worrying about one's financial situation and not being able to cope with excessive needs.
-Lung. Expression of ability to give and take. Lung diseases originate from the fear of enjoying the right to live life to the fullest. Heavy smokers are often people who deny life and hide their powerlessness and low self-esteem behind their smoking.
- Breast. Breast problems are caused by behaviors that block your attention, someone, or an activity. Anger and despair are also affected.
- Heart. The heart is a symbol of love, while the heart is a symbol of blood and joy. If there is no love and joy in life, the heart freezes instantly, blood flow slows down, and it gradually leads to anemia, vascular diseases, and heart attacks. Experiencing the joy of life and searching for the meaning of life can be enlightened.
- Stomach. It is related to thinking and processing any ideas and situations. Stomach problems are caused by confusion, fear, and difficulty adapting to new and unfamiliar problems. For example, when a person flies for the first time, he feels nauseous, stomach cramps and cramps. However, it is okay to do this on subsequent flights. It is said to be caused by stomach ulcers and anxiety about not being able to keep yourself in mind. Also, the state of mind at the time when the act of trying to conform to the mood of others leads to the restriction of one's own rights contributes to this disease. People who love and respect themselves do not get ulcers. You need to treat your emotional state with love and care, support and respect it like a "child".
- Gallstones. It is said that it is related to the painful memories and pride that cannot be separated. "Let's say good bye to the past, life is good and I am good too" should be thought. Helpful.
- Diseases of the bladder, rectum, and genitals. It is probably related to overestimating and thinking that the functions performed by the organs are ugly and dirty. Basically, these organs are just as useful as other organs. What if not?
- Ovaries. I get sick from thinking too much about things that I have not been able to create and that I am not strong enough to do.
- Legs. Leg problems occur when you fear a change in the forward movement of life or moving in a certain direction. Arthritis comes from hating home or work.
-Arthritis. People who constantly criticize themselves and others suffer from this disease. Trying to be perfect hurts because the burden is too much to bear.
Asthma. It is believed that people with an overdeveloped conscience, blame themselves for everything, and become so depressed that they feel as if they have no right to breathe. It is said to have a good effect on changing the location and environment.
- Cancer. Deep-seated grievances are seen as signs of despair, eating away at a person from the inside. It is said that people who are dominated by helplessness and hopelessness, and people who like to blame others and criticize themselves are likely to be affected. When you learn to accept and love yourself as you are, this disease can be cured.
- Excess weight. To seek, to seek, to protect oneself from something. People get fat when they need protection. Lack of self-confidence can also lead to being overweight. The best way to lose weight is to believe in yourself, believe in life, and get rid of negative thoughts.