Zodiacs love to hear words
by Baigalmaa staff
Zodiacs love to hear words

Aries - likes to be called "the best". They love to compete and want to be first in everything. Also, when they go somewhere together or organize, - "this is the best restaurant", "the best pizza", "he is the best", and "my girlfriend/boyfriend/ is the best", etc. speaks. Because I dream of being the best.
Taurus - Likes to be called "Faithful". Taurus, in addition to liking reliable things, they also want stability, faith in the future, and security in their material possessions. Even in themselves, they are very reliable and know their place, people whose amals can be trusted. Not only can you trust them completely, but they are also very good friends and husbands who can always help and advise you and will never cheat you. Praise the taurus' for their reliable qualities.
Gemini – Likes to be called "interesting" and to be interesting. They will receive any new information with excitement, they are very curious and eager for knowledge, they are deathly afraid of boredom and loneliness. When dealing with people, try to make people interested. You too can have a conversation with him and get excited about new cognitive topics. If too demanding and too clingy, the geminis will run away.
Cancer - Loves to hear the words "safe and secure". Their instincts to anticipate danger are more developed. Therefore, sometimes they are nicknamed cowards and hypervigilants. However, not even others, let alone others, know that this instinct of theirs is a way to solve many problems in life. It is said that among the travelers who died in "Dyatlov Pass" for unexplained reasons, the only survivor was Yury Yudin from the cancer house, who returned home due to discomfort and bad hearing, and no one would listen to him. Cancers like safety and comfort and are open to it. Cancers are very afraid of deceit and heartless actions of loved ones. As long as nothing bad happens to their family and close friends, cancers live very happily.
Leo - likes to be told "unrepeatable". If they are compared to someone else, they get angry and furious. In general, they want to be worshiped by looking good in the eyes of others and being truly unique. Don't forget this quality of his.
Virgo - People who have the right to say "right and proper". When they follow the rules, they do not violate the laws and social order. They will go through the green light even if there is no car. There are very intelligent and realistic people belonging to the male "virgo" sign. Because they are afraid of making mistakes, they plan first and do it accordingly. The virgo of the "virgo" house are hardworking and good at studying, and they become good housewives.
Libra - likes to say "beautiful and beautiful". Seeing everything beautifully, beautiful pictures, beautiful girls, wonderful guys, beautiful flowers, what beautiful words? etc. are very well received. They want to be admired as a work of art. Be with him when the sun goes down and see how he reacts, miracle, you will truly understand. Male libras are admirably romantic and gentlemanly.
Scorpio - likes "powerful". Speedy and fearless villains finish what they start. They have a lot of life force, they put their heart into one thing and then turn around and do something else, they are not afraid of what others say about them. Confident and purposeful. Likes to make a strong impression on people.
Sagittarius - likes "honor and respect". By nature, they are respected people whose advice people listen to and follow, and they can even lead people to the right path. They want respect, not for mastery, but for dignity. I like to consult with him about things. He always develops himself and expands his knowledge. A good moral counselor. Studies the lives and works of famous people. Therefore, he likes to respect his opinion.
Capricorn - "Positive". Capricorns can appreciate cars, equipment and things just by looking at them. He is very careful because he knows a person from the material aspect and will judge himself from this point of view. Diplomas, merit awards, and professional status are very important to him, so he can strengthen his position through them. Since status represents a person's position in society, the feeling of being an "individual" who is doing something important is what motivates them and becomes their main goal. Capricorns should be considered irreplaceable employees, wonderful breadwinners, loyal friends, and their work should be recognized and supported as important and valuable. Also, capricorns put their work first, but they are capable of leading in their field.
Aquarius – Likes to be “unique”. They are creative people who like to do different and unusual things. Everything seems easy to them because they can easily make sense of any oddities. If you can't find the reason for something dizzying, you can turn to malarkey. He is your headThink of it as a simple way to solve a problem, and if a fly hits a window without finding an open vent, the vent is always open. Therefore, there is no doubt that aquarius people are "unique" and praiseworthy people.
Pisces - Loves "fairytale" compliments. Their imaginations are incredibly developed, they live in a world where miracles come true and dreams come true easily. Pisces - the symbol of artistic inspiration, this sign is ruled by Neptune, which symbolizes the inexhaustibility of romance, beauty and myth at a higher level. Pisces can create this fairy tale world inside their brains, and other zodiac signs are wonderful people to emulate. They are lucky because they believe that good thoughts come true. Most of the ancient people did not believe that one day metal objects would fly through the sky and float in the sea, but today these things have come true, so the fishes are distinguished by their belief in unimaginable things.