Pros and cons of deposits in brief
by Baigalmaa staff
Pros and cons of deposits in brief

Positive: The beautiful people of spring. Powerful. Emotional. Acting without thinking.
Cons: Has a quick temper. Jealous. Angry.

Positive: Committed to purpose. Able to achieve what he wants. Density.
Negative: Stubborn. Jealous. Can be a dictator. Fragile. Critical.

Positive: Healthy thinking. Funny. Full of emotions and overflowing with life. Sociable and able to attract people. Powerful. Full of new ideas
Negative: Moods are constantly changing. Lack of new environment and relationship. Too dependent on the feelings and emotions of acquaintances, friends, and relatives. Struggles in the eternal quest

Positive: A good person full of emotions and emotional reactions. Public. A reliable and trustworthy friend. Values naturalness and naturalness
Cons: Too emotional. Moods are changeable. Likely to fall in love with alcohol. Bad at receiving criticism. Dependent on the Internet.

Positive: Like a king. Purposeful. True. Generous. Brave. Help
Negative: Twins, Stubborn. Loves fame. He is late to the person who tells him his shortcomings

Positive: meticulous, able to control emotions, intelligent, observant, able to analyze mistakes, attractive in nature, able to listen to others, understand and give advice
Negative: Looking for love and making a relationship. Sometimes too careful, because of this, others dislike it. Always complaining about life. He is not satisfied with justified and unjustified resentment. Jealous, not even jealous of the protagonist of the series.

Positive. Calm and healthy thinking. Fair. A single sign symbolized by inanimate objects. Public. Responsible. It reaches its destination. Internal and external harmony is good. Always full of new ideas.
Negative: Mood is unstable. Sometimes you don't know what you want. Dependent on the mood of others. Childish behavior is noticeable in many things. Lack of support from friends and relatives

Positive: Active, able to make a profit. It finishes what it starts. Responsible and purposeful. Good in bed. Faithful and faithful friend. Secret, hidden. Be true to your thoughts
Cons: Very jealous. Property. Selfish. Feeling weak. It is long

Positive: Very funny. Charming. Brave. Nothing is impossible for him. One in five famous geniuses is a Sagittarius. Attracts the attention of the opposite sex. A woman has a well-shaped body. The man has a tall back. Good-hearted. Likes to help people. Has a remarkably developed memory. He cannot be deceived. Sensitive. The most lucky sign among other signs.
Cons: People may think you're stupid. Gets angry when bored. There is no rush to get married. Likes to eat well. Very straightforward. Freedom is overvalued. Complaints are not forgotten. It's not subtle, it's separate. Hopeless. There is rude behavior. A little selfish

Positive: Committed to purpose. He strives like a bull without a stirrup to achieve his goals. Able to achieve whatever you want. He knows what he wants very clearly. Endurance. Able to leave water dry. True. Marzan, never get bored with them. Leader. Do your best to achieve your goals
Cons: Many people think he is angry. It is difficult for people to understand him. Not easy to bear. Feeling weak. He tends to make fun of others and himself. Honzon. I think about my life. He aspires to power and position. If he doesn't get what he wants, he gets depressed and hates everything around him

Positive: Genius. Knows people well. Good-hearted. Has many friends. Loved by people. Has a sense of humor. Maybe you are a great artist or poet. Beauty is beautiful. He is free to do what he wants.
Cons: No one understands him. Smart, that's why people ask for help and advice. Can't say "no". Very sensitive and reacts to everything. Many people call him a weirdo. Because he does things for the good, he doesn't understand how people feel bad for him. Will not marry, because he respects his freedom too much. It is easy to sit on his neck. He believes that all people are good, so even the street fighter is well received

Positive: Talented. Kind and generous. Accepts new ideas and situations well. Able to understand others and share suffering. He puts aside his own interests and works for others. Charity and almsgiving.
Cons: Forgetful. Can't make others understand. He lost a lot of things and lost his property due to his sensitive, thoughtful and kind heart. Unstable and gullible. Gossip. Can be easily confused. Controls emotions. Weak and lack of activity.