Honore de Balzac - Encyclopedia of Women
by Baigalmaa staff
Honore de Balzac - Encyclopedia of Women
It is said that the famous French writer Honore de Balzac admired coffee all his life, and in addition to consuming 50 cups of coffee a day, he also admired and admired women over 30 years old. That's why women over 30 years old are called "beautiful women of Balzac's age". Therefore, let's get acquainted with the words of the famous writer, who captured the hearts of the beautiful noble women of that time and was even called a psychologist of women, about women.

• If he cannot make his wife a secret lover, he is a weak man. We should learn to unite all women in one woman.
• A woman has the talent to show herself, not allowing her to see anything at her own pace
• For a woman who laughs at her husband, love for her husband will not be born again
• A woman knows her husband's face as clearly as a sailor knows the ocean
• A person who is suspicious of his wife is not doubting his wife's status, but he is doubting his own value
• A person does not fall in love with a woman because she is young or old, beautiful or ugly, smart or stupid. Love is simply loving without a will, not for something
• A person who can lead a woman can lead a country
• Only the last love of a woman can be compared to the first love of a man
• When a man loses, he loses. A woman wins when she has nothing to lose
• A woman likes to beat another woman's man.
• No one can be a woman's friend without becoming her secret lover
• It makes no sense to think that you can't live happily with a man or a single woman for a long time. It's like a good musician can't play multiple violins, not just one.
• Women have to explain the impossible on the basis of reason, and of course when denying something, they have to explain it with intuition
• It's amazing how a woman, even when she's most excited, leaves something unsaid
• A woman should be owned only by a man who will remove her from all problems.