50 things to teach your daughters
by Baigalmaa staff
50 things to teach your daughters
Gina Majors wrote this 50-item list for her daughter's 18th birthday. This list, based on many years of life experience, is useful for saving time for girls to learn all this in the course of life, and is useful for living properly.

Love yourself first.
Get ready for your time at school, not real life, but real life.
You will meet many bad girls in life. Know your level and pass it.
If you have found a true friend, try to keep the friendship regardless of distance or separation. Always remember that things will not make you happy.
Don't criticize anyone, but be ready for criticism yourself, because you have a life full of criticism ahead of you. Get over the look, girl.
Try to really get to know your grandmother. Give a lot.
It's not a difficult problem, it's not the end of the world.
Don't compare yourself to others. Just as they can never be like you, you can never be like them. Be different. You are proud of being unique.
No matter how much you love someone, don't lose your head.
Talk and talk. This is how you find your voice and use it.
Learn to say, use, and use the word "no."
If you have to write the story of your life, fill every word and sentence with memories of happy moments.
Never chase a man. It's okay for a man to find you.
Try to understand the praise correctly and believe it.
Be honest forever.
Learn to be happy on your own, don't be afraid of loneliness.
Don't be afraid to share what you feel.
You can argue, stay away from arguments.
Read everything you come across. Knowledge is the most powerful weapon.
If you are invited by a young man and there is no book in his house, it is better to go far away.
You are nobody's private property.
Be able to protect yourself. Always.
Don't be afraid of bad luck. You learn a lot from failure and failure.
Never send anything by e-mail, to anyone, that would not be published on the front page of a newspaper. Even if you destroy it, you will always be exposed.
Help people. Good deeds bring happiness.
Cherish kindness. Gratitude opens character.
Listen to your intuition. Believe it.
Be polite.
Your actions say more about you than what you say.
Don't hide your feelings, you need to find a way to express them.
Learn to see the good in everything.
Always use sunscreen.
Always be in a relationship with the people you love.
Go through life, above the gaze. Confidence is attractive.
If you want to cry, cry and get new strength from your tears.
Laughter is mental medicine.
Is the music too loud? Let's dance.
Words can build or burn bridges. Be thoughtful.
Home is where you are loved. But not the residential address.
Apologizing first is not a sign of weakness.
Work, work. Always be able to meet your own needs.
I know you sometimes dislike me. But I love you forever.
You are a complete, self-sufficient person.
You are more talented than you think. Don't compare yourself with others.
Don't live for yesterday or tomorrow. No one can control it. Be happy today.