20 things you should tell your daughters and make them understand
by Baigalmaa staff
20 things you should tell your daughters and make them understand
In the future, it is necessary to tell our girls early that life is not full of good things, as it is shown in cartoons, lyrical films, and literature, and that we face many problems, and most importantly, we have to learn to overcome them. It is possible to guard against many mistakes by preparing the naive and childish thinking for life.

-Happiness is not only about a satisfied life, money, success and wealth. But to understand that you need to learn to be happy in any case
- To be careful with men, to remind you that cold calculation and anything can be hidden behind a beautiful smile
-Tell them about the fact that not every love brings happiness, and not to be disappointed, to learn from the relationship, and that unlucky love is a relationship that must be overcome.
- No man has the right to hit her, touch her, insult her, or look down on her. Your daughter needs to be able to avoid unhealthy self-love relationships.
- Don't put trust in the person you meet for the first time. Learn the importance of trust, learning to listen to your intuition, and the ability to avoid the possibility of self-deception.
- Learn to choose your friends correctly. To understand that friends who can be with you in any situation are God's gift
- Strong women cry. Even open crying is associated with lightening the mood and releasing emotions. Therefore, learn not to be ashamed of crying, learn to accept yourself as you are, and understand that mental health is the most important thing.
- To make people understand that external appearance is not the main thing, but inner beauty has a wonderful ability to make a woman shine from the inside, even after age.
- You don't need to follow the crowd, you need to learn to foresee what will happen and what will happen to you before doing something, using examples as much as possible.
- Be respectful to yourself and others, the first step in this is to learn to love yourself, your body and appearance, not to reject yourself, and to feel the uniqueness of your character
- Don't attach too much importance to other people's comments and opinions, and often talk about the fact that jealous people who lack self-esteem often say unpleasant things, and that self-confidence and self-confidence are the keys to success.
- Not everyone tells the truth. Learning to tell lies
- Don't broadcast about yourself on social media. Make them understand that there should be a secret of their own, and that it is nothing more than jealousy
- Even if you are happy, there is something missing. Be careful of it and learn to be grateful for everything you have
- Identify and write down important things in life and follow them. To understand the importance of living with purpose
- It is customary not to depend on anyone. Don't let anyone control you. To teach that a person's life is only in his hands
- It is better to keep good deeds and good things secret. Make it clear that advertising will make the item free
- Don't keep your grievances to yourself. Learn that life gets easier once you understand
- To keep and protect your love without depending on life, household inconveniences and problems. To understand the importance of loving everyone
- We should always remind ourselves that we should only look forward and live because the past remains in the past.