Benefits of listening to Mozart every day
by Baigalmaa staff
Benefits of listening to Mozart every day
Photo by Anton Shuvalov on Unsplash
Few would believe that in the mid-60s, the famous French actor Gerard Depardieu was a young boy with an eccentric tongue who could not complete a single sentence.

People who know him and who have studied him with interest have linked his speech disorder to his family environment, personal misfortune, low self-esteem, and learning difficulties. There was only one thing that set him apart, and that was his true desire to become an actor. Depardieu's teacher sent him to Paris, to Alfred Tomatis, a renowned physician of the day, who devoted years to researching the healing qualities of music, including Mozart's music. Dr. Tomatis determined that the cause of Depardieu's speech impediment, hoarse voice, and memory problems were emotional, promising to help him, coming to therapy every day and prescribing him to listen to Mozart for two hours a day for several weeks. Surprised Depardieu - "Mozart? Why Mozart?'' After a few weeks, his speech became clearer, and after a few months, he returned to acting school, graduated successfully, and became a great and famous actor. Dr. Tomatis, in his research, continued to demonstrate in subsequent experiments that Mozart's music could relax patients and caregivers, improve their spatial perception, and increase their ability to express themselves. Why not just the music of Mozart, Bach and Beethoven? to the questions, he said, Mozart's music balances the emotions, and does not invite the body to move, is not too loud, not too weak, not too fast or too melodic, simple, ordinary, mysterious melodies, Mozart's music, human mood It is concluded that the true recipe of melodrama is "food for the mind" which is the most suitable for maintaining balance, which medicine strives for with all its systems, and which restores harmony of body, mind, and spirit. Recently, a priest of a church in England recorded that the milk of cows that listened to Mozart's music increased significantly.