Nikolay Amosov: People get sick because of laziness and greed
by Baigalmaa staff
Nikolay Amosov: People get sick because of laziness and greed
N.M. Amosov, scientist, heart surgeon who saved thousands of lives. At the age of 79, he stopped operating. He died at the age of 89. He studied the methods of health and longevity, followed the right lifestyle in his last years, and conducted many studies based on this. About himself: Physical education is the basis of life for me. In my childhood, no one gave me an idea about the benefits of physical activity. Work outside the home did not train the strength, but did not train the resourcefulness. I couldn't swim, dance, or ride a bike, and in high school and college, I avoided physical education as much as possible. But the fact that I was very healthy was due to the fact that I did a lot of housework. During the war, I was suffering from severe arthritis for the first time, probably because I had to stand for long periods of time for surgery, and in 1954, it was discovered that I had a change in the bones of my spine. From that time, I began to develop and perform 1000 movement exercises, or 100 types of movements, for myself. In this way, he tested and developed the method of health called "Load and Limitation Regime" on his own body, and wrote down the following tips.

He, a man, is to blame for his own illness. They always suffer because of their own laziness, greed, stupidity and ignorance. Do not rely on medicine. Fear of being captured by doctors. They can cure many diseases, but they cannot make them healthy and teach them how to be healthy. In order to be healthy, a person must make constant efforts. There is no substitute for it. Fortunately, humans are perfect and it's nice to be able to get better at any time. In order to live a long and healthy life, four basic conditions are most important for a person: exercising, restricting food intake, strengthening the body, making time for rest and being able to rest. 20-30 minutes of exercise a day is enough. Limit your diet. Keep your body weight at a level that can be obtained by subtracting 10 cm from your height. Learn to let go and relax. Doctors can cure diseases, but it takes your own efforts to get healthy. If you have treated your illness, stop listening to your body, it will not be cured by lying down and resting. First of all, start loading your body and mind. Pay attention to what you eat and drink. Vegetables and fruits should be your main meals. Fat accumulates in the walls of blood vessels as cholesterol, so use less than that. Let me remind you that drug treatment is definitely needed in case of cerebrovascular sclerosis. Do not use sugar. 1 gram is 4 k/cal and so on. And interestingly, although he worked in medicine all his life, he wrote and spoke very critically about medicine. Despite the fact that medicine treats diseases, the number of patients continues to grow year by year, tirelessly trying to prove that it is due to not paying attention to the cause of the disease, warning people about the blind faith in the power of doctors and medicines, and the fear of becoming prisoners of doctors, medicine is only Focusing on illness, neglecting the problems of being healthy and improving health, not believing in or even remembering the natural defense mechanisms of the human body, it is wrong, and the advice given by doctors to the sick, to move less, lie still, and eat well, grossly violates the natural qualities of the human being. They were forced to study and use the qualities of human beings by making comparative conclusions, such as when animals are sick, they leave their food and clean themselves. He has proven on his own body that movement and muscle activity and partial fasting can make a person healthy and get rid of disease, and man is a very strong animal and unfortunately, he does not know that he inflicts his own disease on himself. They suffer from unconsciousness that forgets the reproductive function of their body and mind, and blindly follows a lifestyle that contradicts their biological nature, which is born out of social conditions. Our modern civilization and people today have begun to remind us and demand that we take advantage of our natural abilities that help us live a long and healthy life. Your nature reminds and demands that you refrain from giving importance to creating a warm air temperature in your home and room, refrain from overeating, and most importantly, do not lack exercise, only these are the basis of your health.