A famous geneticist's recipe for longevity - 66% of diseases can be treated with food
by Baigalmaa staff
A famous geneticist's recipe for longevity - 66% of diseases can be treated with food
Bulgarian geneticist and professor Hristo Memerski is an expert on healthy nutrition who has published many books on longevity and health and has lectured at 200 universities in 63 countries. He gave the following advice saying that we, by choosing the wrong food, do not know that we are doing terrible wrong things like nailing the nail in the lid of our own coffin.

About aging
Aging is not natural. It is considered a disease caused by reckless food consumption. 70% of the people who die in the world die from the almost criminal act of not paying attention to their food, and gout, diabetes, ulcers of various organs, strokes, heart attacks, and cancer are considered harmful effects of development.
Foods that slow down aging
It is a very simple rule, it is enough to get used to eating little by little without overeating. You should also consume vegetables, fruits, yogurt, milk, and wine. These foods should be prepared and used as much as possible.

Body cleansing and weight loss
Mix 500 g of non-industrial yogurt made from real milk, 1 tablespoon of honey, 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, 1 teaspoon of cinnamon, and 40 drops of 30% propolis to use in the morning and evening.

Natural vitamins to help maintain your beauty
It can be considered that the best vitamins are found in carrots and garlic. In Azerbaijan, an amazing experiment was conducted in Azerbaijan, where water with 80 types of bacteria was placed in a glass of water and garlic was placed side by side in another glass. After a few hours, the bacteria were destroyed in the water with bacteria. It is also very useful to drink bee juice mixed with water.

Poisons in food
There are more than 200 different types of poisons that are used to add flavor to food around the world. When buying food products, it is recommended to carefully read the small print on the ingredients. These include sodium nitrate, sodium nitrite, butylated hydrositoluene, butylated hydrocyanisole, and bromine oil, which are very harmful to human health. Therefore, it is recommended not to use sausages, sausages, smoked meats, canned products, chips, ready-made salads, cakes, chewing gum, pasta, juices, which contain these toxins. If you love health and youth, don't use them.
This geneticist insists that salt and sugar lead to the coffin

At the beginning of the 20th century, salt and sugar were used 5 times less. It is very sad that people do not know that the current diseases are caused by these two things, and they say that high blood pressure is caused by salt, and eating chips, popcorn, and salted nuts on an empty stomach is as effective as suicide.

Recipe for Longevity:
1. Do not consume more calories than you expend
2. Eat an apple every day
3. Drink frozen-melted water and use herbal extracts instead of tea
4. Active movement
5. Shower every day
6. Sleep in a cool room
7. On weekends, 10-15 kilometers of walking and cycling
8. Communicate with friends and loved ones, have fun, be happy, be in an active relationship, /do not refuse sex/
9. Never think or talk about getting old