What should friends be like?
by Baigalmaa staff
What should friends be like?
Photo by Duy Pham on Unsplash

It seems that the friendship of modern youths, entertaining each other, having fun, often joking, drinking, and talking about nothing. If someone notices this situation and refuses to stay away from these meetings, he will be harassed with words that do not make sense, such as "the quality of a husband will be recognized in times of trouble." Teammates, military friends, colleagues, friends on the road, friends who met at the bar, friends of friends, etc., there are countless friends in life, and they affect life for better or for worse. Because of this, there is no one who has not heard the definition of "friend who pulls you up" and "friend who pulls you up". Shouldn't you understand that friends are the closest environment outside of the family, so you can be careful and choose them? There are friends who have a false understanding of the word "friendship" as a burden of emotional and material things. Such friends are not only obstacles in life. Friends are those who respect each other's interests, are helpful to each other, good partners, and if possible, business partners. It would be safe to say that the friends who invite you out for a drink, meet you when you're needy, and welcome you to bars and clubs with handshakes are the ones who treat you as someone you need to have fun with, but who miss you at the same time. Therefore, is it necessary to voluntarily become a "house spare" who entertains others? Is it necessary to be friends? Don't make bad choices in your life because of bad choices or thinking about what others will think. Let me remind you again that you can't choose your brothers, but you can choose your friends and husbands. Let only the chosen be your friends. You will live a successful life by carefully choosing your acquaintances and circle of friends.