Don't belittle yourself because of your age
by Baigalmaa staff
Don't belittle yourself because of your age
Photo by Esther Ann on Unsplash
It is necessary to stop looking down on yourself with the thought that "age has passed, it is too late, let's be at our age". Such words can be heard at home, at work, everywhere. The most important thing is that women always talk like this. Men are almost unheard of. A 35-year-old woman said, "It's past school age," a beautiful woman said, "What love, I'm living half a century," and another said, "I meet 6 younger men. People will be ashamed of what they will say," he said worriedly, "You shouldn't wear short clothes. It's not suitable for my age.'' What is age? People react to this in three ways: some of them are "too late", the younger ones are "too early", and another group of people have a secret age that cannot be defined early or late. This is due to the prevalent society's pathetic view that something should be done on time by assigning time to it.

When a person is alive, all senses are alive. Why should the feeling of love die at the age of 50? Certificate of sensitivity is not checked. Someone can go from not wearing short clothes at the age of 18 when they feel their legs are fat, to noticing that they have slim and beautiful legs in their 40s and wearing short clothes. It is almost a matter of pride for men to marry women younger than themselves, but women are at a disadvantage in this case. Shouldn't it only be reserved for women who behave well and who are able to maintain their bodies in their 20s and 30s? On the banks of the river, women in revealing bathing suits will be singled out, and men in nothing but shorts with their stomachs hanging down will not be mocked. No way, women are the epitome of beauty. Life is too short to accomplish many things and live it to the fullest. Society wants us women to be educated, helpful, hard-working, athletic, perfect housewives, good mothers to children, caring wives to husbands, great cooks, never tired, no aging skin, smooth faces, white teeth, flowing hair, and appropriate clothes. is It's funny that all of this should be appropriate for the given time... But, shouldn't it be up to you to decide when and how? So, my dear women, if you get rid of the word "late", you can be born, fall in love, wear short clothes, get married, study a foreign language, study, skydive, do what you love, and become ambassadors of goodwill at any time and at any age. . Only you know your own desires and energies. Your life is based on your "want" and "can" thoughts. So be yourself and say "fake" to any attempts to tell or remind you of the letter that means "late".