Why do cats lie where people are sick?

by Nomin staff
Why do cats lie where people are sick?
Photo by Sabri Tuzcu on Unsplash
Cats are considered to be the most popular home "doctors". Cats have the ability to find the sick place of their owner and lie down. It is said that the place is heated by body heat and is cured. In case of serious illness, the cat does not leave its owner. There are statistics that people who keep cats and love cats are 5 times less sick than people who don't have cats.

In cardiovascular disease
Many cases have been recorded of saving their owners from heart attacks and strokes, and cats are able to sense and predict the onset of these diseases. Sensing the owner's body discomfort, he rolls his fins to express it. Prevents recurrence of heart problems. When petting the cat, blood pressure and heart rate normalize.

Gastrointestinal diseases
Petting cats improves digestion. Petting short-haired and sparsely furred cats can help with this condition

Stress fatigue
Petting a cat relieves fatigue. When massaged during stress and headache, it not only relieves pain, but also lowers blood pressure and normalizes heart rate. Black cats absorb twice as much bad energy from people. Light, gray and blue cats balance energy and calm. The white cat is said to be the most therapeutic.

Improves immunity
If you listen to the purring of a cat every day, it is 4-16 hertz, it has a good effect on the immune system. Scientists compare cat purring to ultrasound therapy. It affects the quick healing of wounds and the strengthening of bones. Persian cat relieves joint pain and aches

Extends life
Gerontologists have studied whether cats affect the lifespan of their owners, and found that people who have had a cat their whole life live 10.3 years longer than people who have no cats. People with cats have lower blood pressure, normal blood cholesterol levels.

Energy information device
Cats are considered a real energy information device. If a cat is lying on the side of its owner's head, it indicates high blood pressure or a brain disease. If the left palm of the body is lying on the shoulder, it indicates cardiovascular disease. Lying on your back indicates kidney problems. If your feet lie down, it means less pressure.