"Robin Hood" of Mongolia, where is he going?
by Baigalmaa staff
"Robin Hood" of Mongolia, where is he going?
Perhaps, after reading this news, you will establish the Mongolian "Marinaleda"? We look forward to the day when we will spread the news about your good deeds to the public. You can!

In this Spanish city called "Marinaleda", there is no crime or unemployment, there is no police station here. Average salary of its residents, 1200 euros. The people of this city are building a fair society, known as the true "incompletion". The population of this city is small, it has 2700 inhabitants. It belongs to the remotest, poorest and most difficult province in the south of Spain, and it is surprising that the life and environment are completely different from other neighboring cities. At the beginning of the economic crisis in Spain, in 2008, when the people of this city elected a popular politician named Juan Manuel Sánchez Gordillo, nicknamed the "Robin Hood of Spain", as mayor, the life of the city changed beyond recognition. In Spain, there is now a serious economic crisis, and in other cities of the province, there are 690,000 empty houses and no owners that have been foreclosed on by the banks due to non-payment of loans. With the unemployment rate at a staggering 55%, how did the people of this small town get to this point? The mayor of the city united the olive farms owned by the people of the city, solved all the problems of processing and sales, divided the income equally, and there were no more unemployed people. "When we forget about selfishness, personal interests, and money, and understand the needs of the people and their value, we can create a more satisfying, happy and fair environment," Mayor Gordillo said with confidence. Even if it is small, I believe that you will enjoy reading about the "honest leader" who led the people of this city to a secure life. Do we have a "Robin Hood" that can make it look like "Marinaleda" even if it's just an arrow? Where is our Mongolian "Robin Hood"!!!