Wooden bowl
by Baigalmaa staff
Wooden bowl
Photo by Max Letek on Unsplash
It's no secret that when we don't like the things that happen around us and don't do it our way, we get angry and upset with those unpleasant things and the people who do them. However, we do not know that we can get into a situation where we can upset ourselves and others. All the things in this world, the good and bad things we do to others, always come back to us, a mysterious law of the world works, and we never forget it. Therefore, in order not to regret it later, let me give you a parable to show that you should live your life trying not to make any mistakes.

A man came to live with his son and daughter-in-law in old age. His eyesight deteriorated due to his age, his hands and feet were separated and he walked poorly. When they sat down to eat together, the poor old man's hands would be separated, spilling food and drink, and mixing things together, which could not be done due to his poor eyesight. Seeing this, the son and daughter-in-law are always angry. So, one day, the son and his wife said to each other, "Let's do something, we will make a mess by spilling food and drink, eating with any bad noise, so they set a small table to feed the old man separately, so that he would sit in the corner of the room, facing the wrong way." He would sit alone and look wrong, full of sadness, and sometimes with tears in his eyes, and he would eat his food voraciously. Twice, he broke the plate, so he was served with a wooden bowl. Also, apart from saying a word or two in exasperation when he occasionally dropped his spoon and fork, no one stopped interacting with him. All this happened in front of his son, who is only 4 years old and can't say anything except to see. One evening, the father, who saw his son sitting in his room, among the trees, asked, - What are you doing? he asked in surprise. The son then said, "I, mother, am making a wooden bowl for you to eat because I am older," and continued to make it. Hearing this, the husband and wife looked at each other with tears in their eyes and stopped for a while without saying a word to anyone. But they both knew what they had to do. It is said that when it was time to eat, the son sat down at the dining table, leaning on his father affectionately, and they spent the rest of the time eating together. For some reason, for both of them, their father's spilling the food and making a mess of the bed did not cause them any more frustration and anger.