7 words that scare money and should not be used in speech
by Baigalmaa staff
7 words that scare money and should not be used in speech
Life is not a struggle as many people think, and we are here in this world to be happy, to help others and to do good deeds. But instead of that, we chase after things called "Money" and forget our true purpose. In modern life, money plays a very important role, it is clear that we cannot live without it, but we do not even know about it, we turn the mysterious forces of the world against us and send to the world that we do not want a rich life. Our speech includes actions that we do against our will without knowing it. The following are 7 negative phrases that many people use in their speech.

1. “I can't do it... /can't/”. You can do anything, the world generously endowed you with the ability to do anything if you want to. Do you know that you are hindering your goals and yourself with these words? Behind these words, there is often indifference and laziness. What makes the word "can't" even more real is age. So, if you want to be rich, don't waste your precious time in life.
2. "I will never be rich." If you talk and think like that, you will never really get rich. By saying such things, your thoughts are sent out into the Universe and you block your own possibilities. Replace this statement with a positive statement, "I will live richly soon."
3. "I don't have time to do this." You say this because you have not learned how to allocate your time properly. The life and activities of many wealthy people prove that the main basis of success lies in the correct distribution of time. After you learn to sort out and prioritize the tasks that are most important at that time, you will understand how false the word "busy" was.
4. "Happiness is not in money..." People, for some reason, despise this piece of paper called money, even though they themselves cannot live without it. Many people, in order to avoid the consequences of laziness, honestly say that this happiness does not come from money. On the one hand, there is some truth in this saying, but no one can argue that the abundance of money and material things leads us to a happy, stable, safe and comfortable environment.
5. "It's not easy to make money." If you use this word, you are doing something you don't like. No one forced you, right? Doing something unpleasant, first of all, has a very bad effect on your psyche. Therefore, if there is really no possibility to change your job, tell yourself the words "I work hard enough and money comes to me" and correct your thinking.
6. "Life is not fair." This is the word of lazy people. You always have the option to keep your environment the way you want it. You, the things around you, everything that happens, is a reflection of your inner world. You have the ability to change everything with the power of your thoughts, will and faith. Smile at life and life will smile at you.
7. "I have no money." This word is very dangerous, stronger than other negative words, the word of absence. Remove this word from your vocabulary. By saying this word, you reject what the Universe has given you and show that you do not appreciate what you have. The inexplicable and mysterious Universe and its powerful laws will certainly not take kindly to not appreciating and missing what has been given.
This whole seven points about money are not about money, the main purpose of life. Instead, pay attention to your words, don't think negative and bad things, always carry positive and good thoughts, and accept it as a way to lead to a happy and prosperous life, engaged in the work you love.