It has a negative effect on computers and relationships
by Baigalmaa staff
It has a negative effect on computers and relationships
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People get excited when they have to get away from their phones and computers. At the end of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century, new threats have been added to the old threats of the world. Famine, war, disease, and terrorism have long been known to mankind, but a new threat has arisen and continues to wreak havoc, if not death. Computers are the new threat to human relationships.

In any case, this is what experts from the American research firm "Kelton Research" have concluded. Of the 1,000 adult Americans surveyed, 65% said they spend more time on the computer than with their spouse or lover. Men mostly wander alone on the Internet, while women mostly use it to communicate with relatives and friends. The researchers noted that the relationship between the "computer user" couple is deepening. 84% of participants became dependent on their computer within the last 3 years. 52% of computer users feel angry, sad, or depressed when their computer is lost or slow and does not respond to help. And 19% said they want to smash their computer. In times of cyber stress, we look to our family and spouse for help. According to researchers, the way Americans interact with computers affects their families. 74% of Americans bring this problem home. “As computers become more powerful and permeate every aspect of our lives, our relationship with them becomes as important as our relationship with our family members. When the computer breaks down, they get angry, frustrated, and resentful," said Manhattan family psychologist Roby Ludwig. Computers give people equal opportunities, 69% of women and 71% of men or 141 million people use the Internet regularly. Experts still debate whether the Internet causes addiction. Stanford University reported last year that 6% of people notice changes in their personal relationships because of computers. 14% said that they can control themselves and "bear" not sitting in front of the computer. According to Dr. Edward Hallowell, a psychologist in Massachusetts, many communication tools hinder couples. Scientist Merlo said, "Those who actively use mobile phones should reduce them. Turn off your phone. It is advised that the information should be stored there.