Methods of checking the quality of clothes and items
by Baigalmaa staff
Methods of checking the quality of clothes and items
Photo by Keagan Henman on Unsplash
There are 3 things we do not guarantee on items in the store: price, brand, and features. However, this does not include Chanel items. The products of this brand are guaranteed in terms of quality, wear time, durability and unique style. However, the quality, price, and features of the clothes purchased from the store are mostly based on marketing policies rather than quality assurance.

1/ Check zippers, buttons, and buttons on clothes in advance. If the electricity falters even slightly, or if the puller looks flimsy, it means that a great deal of savings has been made in the production of the garment. Buttons and buttons should be heavier. Now, they are made of plastic, indistinguishable from metal. it is obviously fragile
2/ Try on the garment, check the tightness of the material, stretch it in the palm of your hand and see if it shines through. In clothes for young people, especially, materials are being saved. Of course, this does not include clothes made of thin fabric
3/ It is difficult to find and wear clothes made of 100% natural materials. However, do not forget that the higher the input of natural phone, the more durable it is. This doesn't include jeans that are designed for ease of movement
4/ Factories that are mass-produced and pressed for orders, do not pay attention to the quality of sewing. Anyway, pay attention to the stitching
5/ The durability of clothes depends a lot on sewing. Interestingly, the seams of men's clothing are made stronger. If you pick up your favorite sweater from the men's department, you won't lose it
6/ When in the changing room, if you hold the material of your clothes tightly in a certain place, and if it does not stretch, it means that you are buying clothes that need to be ironed every morning. Such clothes are more often than not worn, they occupy a place in the wardrobe
7/ You can easily check the sewing quality of patterned and large patterned clothes. Just like wallpapering, the pattern should match
These tips, while seemingly obvious, will help you find the right balance of value and fill your closet with quality clothing.