Fingerprint analysis
by Baigalmaa staff
Fingerprint analysis
Photo by George Prentzas on Unsplash
Fingerprints are unique and unrepeatable, and the branch of fingerprints is called dermatoglyphics. Psychologists, dactyloscopists, and criminologists have been using this method to analyze the psychology of criminals. First, officially, in 1892, Ch. It started with Darwin's cousin, F. Galton, who did a huge research on the way fingers represent human personality. Therefore, palmistry and fingerprint studies are considered scientific, not fortune-telling. Look at the pattern of each egg on your fingers. There are three types of patterns on them: waves, open and closed. These patterns can be 2-3 different in one person's hand, but it is very rare to have only one pattern.

Many people have the "Wave" pattern on their fingers
This pattern is a pattern that is spread on many people's fingers. Such people have a calm, consistent and stable mindset. "Golden Mean" people who do not snatch stars from the sky and do not participate in questionable things. There is a big family. They often choose to work in the service industry. The "wave" pattern on the index finger indicates a person who is emotional, sensitive, sociable, fluid, responsible and loyal. Excellent executive. If this pattern is more on the fingers of the right hand than on the left, then the person is quick-tempered, and complaints are easily resolved, but if there are more on the left hand, the opposite is true. This pattern on the thumb shows extreme individuality.

"Open" pattern
This pattern is very common in the hands of the inhabitants of Central Europe. People who are very open, self-confident, have good job orientation, and who value self-development, recognition, and expression, even if they do not bring certain material benefits. The more this pattern on the fingers, the more likely the person is to engage in intellectual and intellectual work. Such people are ambitious, not afraid of risks, initiators, able to achieve a lot from the beginning, often have their own business. Energetic, capable and fast people. These people are called "turn the world". This pattern on the index finger shows the ability to work in a team, not to be greedy for position, and to have a good relationship with people. If this pattern is on the middle finger, it means that you are very dependent on the opinion of others, but this pattern on the little and ring fingers indicates that it is good for your health. Research has shown that such people are sick when they are young, and their health improves remarkably when they grow up. If this "open" pattern is on more than 8 fingers, it means that you are fond of dreams and imagination and are called "floating in the clouds". He even thinks that he is not of this world. Many fantasy writers are born from people with such fingers.

"Closed" pattern
The more patterns you have on your fingers, the higher your brain potential is. People with 10 fingers and this type of pattern are called people with "genius stamp". People with this pattern are very rare, and most geniuses, inventors, and owners of great discoveries have this pattern on their fingers. If you have many fingers with this pattern, it indicates that you have a high level of logical thinking, a unique talent for analysis, and high linguistic and mathematical abilities. Such people, who are fluent in many languages, may change professions, move to more interesting jobs, seek new things, and emigrate at an early age. Or, he devotes himself and his whole heart to the work, faithful to one point of view. He does not pay attention to the material situation. This pattern on the thumb, bulging out, expresses the desire to stand out, and for him, it shows that he values freedom of thought. For him, routine work means punishment. If this pattern is present on the fingers other than the thumbs, the individual is mentally unstable. For such people, the distance between love and hate is considered small. He changes his decision very quickly. Such a pattern on the index finger indicates the ability of the person to take on many tasks at the same time and to be able to do them successfully, except for the slowness of concentration. To be successful, you need specific daily plans and specific organizational procedures. On the other hand, this pattern of the ring finger shows a person who is indecisive, moody, inconsistent, and indicates that such people do not trust people, do not get along with people, and like to be alone. If one can earn his trust, no one will find a truer friend or husband than him