Just look at their fingers and know their love attitude
by Baigalmaa staff
Just look at their fingers and know their love attitude
Photo by Mayur Gala on Unsplash
This test may seem ridiculously unbelievable. However, scientists should not forget that the index finger is used to determine testosterone and estrogen in the blood. Look at your busy schedule!

Look at the palm of your hand, where it touches your ring finger, little finger, and top! Going beyond the top? Is it equal? Or not enough?


1. If the height of the fingerboard is equal to the top joint of the little finger:
The best..! You get along great with people of the opposite sex. You are a "magnet" that attracts people as if by magic. You, who have mastered all the techniques of communication, and have a relationship with a person who catches your attention, you will achieve what you want and success will surely follow. There's no need to think long and hard, just smile and you're done...
2. If the height of the finger is higher than the top of the little finger:
You and your loved one are very lucky. A patient and loyal person like you is very rare. But you have a special talent to attract others, if you want to. Because of this, he is jealous, but also lustful. You express yourself well. Your natural, kind heart and love of life attract others like a magnet. At the beginning of the relationship, there is a period of acceptance of your behavior and distrust. Don't be discouraged, be brave and notice your scars
3. If the height of your finger does not reach the top line of the little finger:
You are a very needy person in a love relationship. You always like to be yourself. You demand only the right things from others, and you get upset when you don't get them. This is your shortcoming, but on the other hand, it is also an achievement. You know exactly what you want, so you stay away from the fuss.
You are able to recognize "your" person in the first moment of the first meeting. He can also turn his head. Your charisma and enigmatic appearance bring others to their knees.