A single question to improve the couple's relationship
by Baigalmaa staff
A single question to improve the couple's relationship
Photo by Carly Rae Hobbins on Unsplash
It is said that the reason why married couples argue with each other, no matter how much they love each other, is because of many "shoulds" that have already settled in their consciousness: "It should be like this", "It should be like this". Although husband and wife differ in many aspects, such as gender, morals, and temperament, they want the same thing, which is respect, value, acceptance, and expectations for a good relationship. The things we do all the time have a high probability of becoming habits and then it becomes difficult to change them, so how to avoid quarrels as a way of life, how to control your life and family relationships by controlling your emotions, and how to protect love as well as love. wrote.

- A few years ago, after I had an argument with my husband over a trivial matter, I realized that the reason for the argument is not the trifle, but the need to hear and understand each other. When I thought about it, my thoughts about dying with hostility disappeared and my heart felt warm. I thought about my husband, that this man has far more good qualities than bad, that the feelings that make me dislike him do not have much effect on my life with him, that he is a caring host and husband. At this moment, an invisible wave of love swept over me, holding the hand of my involuntary husband, and the words that came to my mouth and changed my life wonderfully since then, "How can I be a good wife for you?" asked only one question. After asking, I felt that I had never been in such a state of being so dependent on anyone, so strangely miserable, and I almost felt ashamed of myself, but my husband took this question in a strangely different way. His gaze softened and he panicked - "You are a little more patient, maybe?" - I know that I am not a perfect person. But I will try, he said in a pleading voice. I also said, "I will try too" and was immersed in his warm embrace of understanding. That's how we both made a choice to love and protect our love and decided to live as a happy couple. We realized that it makes no sense to demand something from each other without offering something, and we realized that it gives us control over our lives. Now we both live happily in full understanding. Instead of making quarrels a habit, he keeps and protects his love.