Essential oils that can kill cancer cells
by Baigalmaa staff
Essential oils that can kill cancer cells
The health benefits of natural products are increasingly being recognized by scientific researchers these days. "Cancer occurs when the DNA code in the nucleus of the human body's cells is damaged," said Mahmud Suhail, a well-known immunologist. .

Essential oils of various plants not only prevent the spread of cancer, but also stop its growth and destroy tumor cells. The results of these studies show that there is no doubt that a healthy human body should be in the frequency range of 62-78 MHz, but it can be easily changed and fluctuated due to the consumption of various foods and other influences. 66 Mhz to 58 Mhz, which takes 3 days to reset, and negative negative thoughts can lower a person's MHz by 12 MHz, and positive moods can increase a person's MHz by 10 MHz, according to findings from long-term experiments. explained. Among all essential oils, scientists have found that peppermint, ginger, grapefruit, lemon, jasmine, lavender, rose, cinnamon, thyme, and chamomile essential oils have the ability to treat cancer. together, measured the frequency of essential oils and their ability to affect the frequency of the human body with the help of a frequency measuring device. Robert O., MD. Becker, who proved that the human body has an electric current, Nikola Tesla, if the external frequencies affecting the human body can be eliminated and stopped, then the person will not get sick, and Dr. Otto Wartburg, who won a two-time Nobel Prize for cancer research, determined that the cells of the human body have an electric voltage. , proved that high-frequency substances destroy low-frequency pathogens. The frequency of essential oils is 52-320 MHz, which is considered high, and here is a list of the MHz of some oils:
- Rose essential oil – 320 MHz
- Bezsmertnik – 181 MHz
- Ladan 147 MHz
-Lavender 118 MHz
- Mirra – 105 MHz
- Romashka – 105 MHz
- Mozhjevelnik – 98 MHz
- Chair – 96 MHz
- Diagil – 85 MHz
- Mint 78 MHz
Research has identified the following essential oils: lavender, thyme, rosemary, clary sage, French tarragon, thyme, dill, peppermint, and chamomile as having anti-cancer properties. Thyme 97%, chamomile essential oil 93%, reduces breast cancer. Frankincense, regardless of the stage of the tumor, separates the core of the tumor tissue from the body and cytoplasm, stops the growth and spread of the damaged DNA code, and has the effect of killing only the tumor. A patient with severe liver cancer was treated by massaging the liver area with frankincense essential oil and instilling it under the tongue, and for brain cancer, a poultice soaked in the oil was placed on the soles of the feet, one drop of frankincense essential oil was infused under the tongue alternately with sedum oil once. , on the inside of the wrist and by placing a cloth soaked in the oil, it has proven its amazing results. Frankincense and lemon essential oils mixed in a towel and applied daily to the area with breast cancer were treated for 3 months, cervical cancer was cured, by placing a towel soaked in this oil on the soles of the feet and abdomen every 4 hours, pancreatic cancer was treated with 3 drops of frankincense, lemon, lavender, Mix 1 drop each of peppermint and sandalwood essential oils, lightly massage the affected area, drop it under the tongue, cure skin cancer, apply 3 times a day, drop 2 drops under the tongue, cure melanoma, apply lavender and frankincense, and many more. there are facts. Scientists have come to the conclusion that the composition of essential oil is a natural compound capable of destroying cancer cells.